Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Up with the chickens

 Most days, I get outside to do chores just as the sun is coming up.

You might say I get up with the chickens.

 So does Johnny.

This time of year, the equines don't have to wake up because they never go to bed.
They stay out in the pasture all night long.

Here we all are, heading back to the barn.

It's supposed to rain this week. Good thing.

 If there's a fork in the road, take it.
George, Alan and Lucy headed left, toward Junior's water tub; Hank veered right, toward the barn.

 Nice face, Lucy.

Hank, you handsome hunk of love...you're the most majestic horse in the west...

 ...until you're not.
He must have had an itchy head.

The morning parade to the barn concluded with Lucy chasing Johnny over the fence.


The Daily Pronghorn ~ Monday, July 28, Noon:
He's still here and still willing to stop and chat.


  1. I beg to differ. Hank's neck looks beautiful arched over like that and it makes his shoulders look very powerful--itchy head not withstanding...

  2. I wonder if one day Junior will follow the heard in for some delicious breakfast. His mother
    has taught him well to "Beware of Strangers" I hope he grows up and gets strong and joins
    up with his own kind.
    BA SP

  3. Wow! The "majestic horse" photo is beautiful. Love the intense colors.

  4. I so enjoyed the photos today! Looks so happy and peaceful.

  5. Now we know who drinks all of Jr.'s water. Love George's tongue sticking out.

  6. Beautiful start to a summer day.

  7. Always love the morning lit photos of your "wonderland". Beautiful shots. Oma

  8. Love early mornings! You hear and see things that most folks don't get a chance to experience.
    I hope Junior joins a herd before winter sets in. I looked up some info on pronghorns yesterday (Nerd alert!). He should be totally weaned by now, so he'll be perfectly fine w/o momma as far as nutrition goes.

  9. My ladies are late sleepers. I'm usually waking them up in the morning. Great shots with the rising sun.

  10. Beautiful pictures. Glad to know junior is okay and doing good. I have a dumb question. Why do your equines not have to sleep during this time of year?

    1. Laura, they sleep, it's just that they don't bother to walk back to the barn to do so.

  11. what a peaceful post! have looked at the pictures several times today and will probably do so again with my nightly wine before I turn in. :) that 5th shot down looks like the grass is on fire... the sunrise is amazing.... thanks for sharing

  12. oh, excuse the second comment.... I meant to say something about Hank in his head scratch shot: he still looks like a handsome hunk of Hank; he is just showing us his morning yoga routine!

  13. So peaceful looking... I guess we wouldn't always look our best if we had the paparazzi following us at the crack of dawn :-) my fav' is Allen with the gate latch for his itchy ear :-)

  14. An American in Tokyo8/6/14, 8:43 PM

    I love that picture of Hank scritching his head!! It looks like he's trying to push the barn over!! ha ha!!

  15. Is Jr. still around?