Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Leftovers

A collection of images left over in the camera from the previous week.

I love mornings...
except when Smooch tries to eat chicken for breakfast.
There was poultry drama this week. Lady Mary flew into Smooch's yard. Ay yi yi yi yi.
I was able to remove Lady Mary from Smooch's mouth before too much damage was done. I hope.

That all happened Thursday morning. I hesitate to examine her closely, not wanting to traumatize her further. 
The area around her comb bled, and she's limping on one leg. Otherwise, she's eating and alert 
and spending her days quietly in the coop. She's moving around a little bit more each day, and I'm cautiously optimistic. 

Meanwhile, Edith and Mrs. Hughes, my other frequent flyers, immediately got their wings clipped.
They were witness to Lady Mary's brush with death and seem to be steering clear of the fence
that separates them from Smooch ... for now anyway.

This year's calf crop is not steering clear of the fence. I think they want to join our play group.

They give Smooch something to watch while I fix fence.

I'll call this one Zen and the Art of Generator Maintenance. Changing engine oil is my most hated chore on earth, 
though it went a little easier this year because I hauled out my magic carpet and didn't get as filthy as usual.

I was on a roll and did Ranger maintenance, too. Next year I may have to rent a husband for a day.
Did I mention how much I hate changing oil?

Lucy and George were in sync this week.
She gave him a tongue lashing while he gave her a tail beating.


  1. I agree...I think a hired hand once a quarter would be great. Have them do all of your most hated chores to give you a break. Plus its always great to have that relationship in case you have an emergency need.
    In the category of ..because we often do you go to town to shop? We are only 20 minutes from a store but our California friends think that is crazy.....I am imagining you are further than that.
    Lisa G in TN

    1. Lisa, it takes about an hour and ten minutes to get to the closest grocery store.

  2. I hope the lady learned her lesson... and is ok.. instead of borrowing a husband, why not rent a cowboy... or borrow one if you can.. your view is to die for... you are truly a Jill of all trades, is there anything you can't do? i am betting NOT

  3. What do you use the generator for? Love you Sunday Leftovers.

    1. Rebecca, the generator runs the electricity for the house and well pump when the power goes out here, which happens often. I can live without lights but the animals can't live without water. It's saved our butts on many occasions.

  4. Your 'Sunday Leftovers' are beautiful pictures! I love the view out your front door - beautiful sky. By the way - we're into Season 3 of Breaking Bad (borrowed the DVDs). ADDICTING! And all due to your comments about your Breaking Bad Marathons. I think I've mentioned before that I thought it was a show about 'breaking in horses' ... Didn't matter - STILL can't stop watching! Have a great day down there.

  5. I love this idea of Sunday leftovers. So many subjects and views. But if I had to pick my would be the view of paradise in which you live. As I have said a gazillion times, your place is just perfect placed to see the beauty that you very much. Happy week coming, Oma Linda

  6. I swear I've seen ads around here for "rent-a-husband" services. Might be worth googling. Maybe you could offer a donkey trail ride as incentive.

  7. are you sure the rented husband would do the job as well as you? changing oil is one thing, cleaning oil spills a trickier one...

  8. The first photo took my breath away.

  9. Any way to up the voltage on the fence?

  10. Don't rent a husband.....their a bit set in their a cowboy and make him your......well make him do chores your way. tee hee

  11. That was a close call for Lady Mary, once a dog chases chickens it is a very hard habit to break. Just keep there wings clipped so they cannot fly over the fence.

  12. An American in Tokyo7/6/14, 7:05 PM

    Love your Sunday Leftovers!! Yum!!

  13. damn! these new chicks on the block sure are giving you a lot of trouble.... but also making for some great blog fodder :)
    that first pic is absolutely breath-taking! How long did it take you to get the angle of the door just right to reflect the outside beauty so optimally? and I would also like to add that the glass looks mighty clean :)

  14. Linda, thanks for the reply. You must be an expert grocery list maker and have to bring along a cooler when you shop. It would be painful to forget a key item on your trip. I keep a constant list going to make sure we stay stocked up and I don't find myself in the middle of making a dinner and missing something. Plus have to contend with roads that aren't passable all the time are a pioneer!
    Have a wonderful day. Lisa G in TN