Monday, June 23, 2014

Beware the vine

There's a vine at the entrance to my garden that's threatening a takeover.
Yesterday I tried to redirect it up and around the arbor before it strangles any unsuspecting visitors.

When I posted about this vine a few years ago, you all helped me identify it as Silver Lace
It thrives on neglect and can grow about 12 feet per year.

See what I mean? My guard at the gate no longer intimidates anyone. 

I didn't know Johnny and the vine were friends. When I saw him resting beneath it,
I assumed he liked the shade, but it's actually a prime spot for hunting lizards.
They crawl out of the rocks, Johnny grabs a snack, then goes right back to his shady spot.
Maximum efficiency, minimum effort.

Johnny's butt is leaning against ground zero. The once-tiny vine stem is now a tree trunk.
I warned Johnny if he didn't move soon, the vine would likely twist around his tail
and he'd never chase another lizard.

He believed me.


  1. love the last shot of JC and the guard for the gate shot... that is some vine

  2. A shady little cat café. Out of the sun and lunch arrives at the rocks. Life doesn't get much better.
    BA SP

  3. I wonder if it grows in zone 5. That vine would kill in a bridal bouquet!!

  4. My cat used to dine on lizards. He got rather thin and ratty looking every summer. The Vet said it was because of the lizards. Fattened up every winter. Lived a long life. Who knows?

  5. I just want to reach thru the monitor and give JCC some kitty cat luving eh!

  6. Vines are sneaky. Pretty one minute, taking over in the next.

  7. It's kinda cool, except for the part where it takes over 7MSN. I hope there's none of it growing near the computer.

  8. I would trim around the skull, looks cool! ( i would put some shades on him but that's me). :-)

  9. Well hurray for JCC. That's a very cool patio bistro he has going on there. Shade, a view and his favorite snack. Also very nice of him to help with the vine duty.
    That vine is gorgeous.

  10. Silver Lace, what a sweet name for a devil vine. HA! Welcome to my Kudzu world!!
    Elizabeth in Mississippi

  11. Nice to see some green amongst all that desert dirt!
    I was thinking about you the other day, wondering why you do not have donkey babies. You have two boys and Lucy, is it not possible?