Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alan powders his nose

 There is gypsum deposit right behind the barn that is tailor-made for donkey dirt baths.
Alan, George and Lucy roll in it daily, luxuriating in its insect-repelling properties. 

 Sometimes Alan will retreat to the area to freshen up...

 ...and powder his nose.

 Maybe it prevents the bugs from flying up his nostrils.

His fashion trend is catching on.


  1. they always look good, with or without powder on their noses... your label what burros do is why i love this blog.. they just make me happy

  2. Such huggable faces, reminds me of that old " got milk" ad. They would have been perfect and better than a celebrity.

  3. They're getting ready for their photos, it keeps the glare off their nostrils.

  4. Hey Carson,
    I'm sure you've expained it but was wondering why Lucy has a longer face and longer ears than George and Alan? They are so dang cute! All of your critters have won me Heart and Soul!!
    Hugs, deb in viola

  5. That's much more attractive than the Desitin we used to rub on our horses' noses to keep them from getting sunburnt and dew burnt! And no dead bugs will stick to it!