Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The little drummer boy

My work day was interrupted too many times to count yesterday by the sounds of incessant drumming. 
I knew what was going on – someone was banging the bottom of a feed tub – but I didn't know who to blame. 
Every time I walked outside to look, the drumming stopped.

Me: Who's the wiseass making all the noise?
George: Not me. 
Alan: Not me.
Lucy: Of course it's not me, and I'm insulted that you would even think that.

George: She knows it's me, doesn't she?

Alan: Pretend you're sleeping. Maybe she won't notice you.

It took a few more trips to the barn, but I finally caught the aspiring musician in the act:


  1. Animals always amaze me when they try to communicate. They know what gets your attention.
    BA SP

  2. I've said it before, this is the first place I come every morning, and it NEVER disappoints!

  3. Persistent is not the appropriate word, obsessed maybe? George is a little mess.

  4. they look like they think you are going to be tricked and fill the tub again!

  5. An American in Tokyo5/18/14, 7:09 PM

    How strange! Was he just bored? hungry?
    Never a dull moment at your place!! =)