Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The little drummer boy

My work day was interrupted too many times to count yesterday by the sounds of incessant drumming. 
I knew what was going on – someone was banging the bottom of a feed tub – but I didn't know who to blame. 
Every time I walked outside to look, the drumming stopped.

Me: Who's the wiseass making all the noise?
George: Not me. 
Alan: Not me.
Lucy: Of course it's not me, and I'm insulted that you would even think that.

George: She knows it's me, doesn't she?

Alan: Pretend you're sleeping. Maybe she won't notice you.

It took a few more trips to the barn, but I finally caught the aspiring musician in the act:


  1. Animals always amaze me when they try to communicate. They know what gets your attention.
    BA SP

  2. I've said it before, this is the first place I come every morning, and it NEVER disappoints!

  3. too funny...what happens if you turn the tub over?? Would that make George stop or would he flip it back over? Clearly he isn't being fed enough food!!! :)

  4. Persistent is not the appropriate word, obsessed maybe? George is a little mess.

  5. they look like they think you are going to be tricked and fill the tub again!

  6. An American in Tokyo5/18/14, 7:09 PM

    How strange! Was he just bored? hungry?
    Never a dull moment at your place!! =)