Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rain, chores and merriment

I started my four-day weekend with a long list of things to do, including many chores but lots of fun things, too. 
"Stand around and watch the rain" wasn't on the list, but I was more than happy to check it off – several times!

Like many 7MSN hens who have come before her, Mrs. Hughes is obsessed with water,
and she happily stood around and watched the rain with me.
I had the good sense to stand under the porch and stay dry. Mrs. Hughes did not.

Of the three new hens, Mrs. Hughes has the biggest personality.

She also has a crush on Hank. 
He has that effect on females, regardless of species.

JohnnyCashCat got caught in the rain a few times but found a sunny spot on the front porch to dry off...

...and do yoga.

I had an important package pick-up to make on Saturday 
and was able to get to town and back between storms.

Cows proved more of an impediment to my journey than mud.

The number of calves at the end of my road was a telltale sign that I would be adding another item 
to my weekend to-do list: fix fence. The little buggers have a habit of rolling under the electric tape
and stretching it on their way back out to find their mamas.

Anyway, I made it home with my parcels, and that will be a post for another time.

This is George listening to the grass grow. The half inch of rain that fell was just what the pasture needed to be happy.
I predict I'll be able to stop feeding hay altogether in about a week.

Lucy and I got to ride three out of the four days. 
This time of year, she eagerly greets me when I meet her in the pasture with her halter...

...because she knows I'll brush her until my arm falls off before saddling her.
She'll be done shedding in about a month. Meanwhile, I've found another use for the leaf blower.

The storms had cleared by Monday afternoon, when Smooch and I went out to fix fence.

 Damned cows.

In between the rain and chores and merriment, Smooch and I took refuge in the sunroom
and binge-watched our second most favorite series of all time, "Deadwood."
We've returned from the dark side and will try to keep the salty language 
we've listened to all weekend out of this week's posts.


  1. How do you fix stretched electric tape?

    1. It's really pretty easy. I just stretch it back to the next pole, then the next pole and so on until I reach an H brace or a corner brace, then I tighten it at the metal connector that holds it to the brace.

  2. i love cows, these are wonderful, even thought they damage your fence... that is a lot of hair from the brushing

  3. Nice looking calves. I can't wait to see what's in the boxes.

  4. OK, so I tortured myself by looking at all sorts of other things on the internet before I allowed myself to come here and find out what your "something new" is. I, as always, loved having my coffee with you and your critters, BUT WHAT'S IN THE BOXES? At least this wait rules out more live critters, which is a teensie disappointment, but is sensible…. sort of.

    1. Oh, dear, I fear I've set you up for disappointment. When I mentioned last week about coming back today with "something new," all I meant was a new post and not a stale encore. The contents of the boxes are going to be a huge letdown.

  5. Love the wet shoot. Rain at 7MSN is cause for celebration, nearly always.

  6. Busy weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing what's in the boxes

  7. Ohhh how funny would it be if Lucy talked like Calamity Jane!!! Hank could be Bullock. I better stop there LOL!!!

  8. Carson, do you use any sort of rainwater catchment? Looks like you've got some gutters in great shape to catch plenty.

  9. Great post and wonderful comments. I look forward, as well, to what is in the boxes. No worries about being disappointed, though. You have a way of making the most mundane seem interesting.
    (I am so jealous of the rain you received. Here in southern Arizona, all we could do was watch the rain clouds build up in your neck of the woods and wish we could get a drop or two.)

    Linda D. in Tucson

  10. I love Mrs. Hughes and her crush on Handsome Hank. And goodness Lucy must feels tons better after the hearty brushing. Like the others I am curious as to the contents of the boxes but I must say I love the varied fare of the photos today. Lots of critters and great shots all. The rain was such a blessing for all of us. My veggie garden grew over the weekend so much. Happy green pastures to you and yours.

  11. crush on Hank, they are colour-assorted, and it seems to me that Hank is not insensitive to the attention. oh wet long Johnny, lovely boy and poor cows, they are so beautiful and end up in plates (but not mine). of course I am sorry for your fences. you are surrounded by so many beautiful animals

  12. Ditto Linda D about making the mundane interesting :-) but there is really nothing mundane at The 7 MSN.
    Mrs. Hughes and Hanl are definitely chatting it up.... Oh the gossip that I am sure will ensue....