Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line

My herd never took geometry.

To get from the barn to their favorite grazing spots in the pasture, they travel the long and winding and ever deepening path,

veering off course only if tempted by a fresh sprout or if they sense they're about to be run over by a tank. I mean Hank.

Walking across rangeland is very tiresome for two-leggeds and four-leggeds.

If you stray off course, you have to pay attention so you don't trip and fall or bump into a cactus.
Not that I've done anyway.

I wonder how deep this road most traveled will get in the years to come?

I'll bet this is how the Grand Canyon got started.


  1. I love a winding path. You never know where it will lead.
    BA SP

  2. I love the photos very much.

  3. You know when you are in a rut ......


  4. Picturing herds of burros creating the Grand Canyon.......

  5. Love your grand canyon!