Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday encore ~ George and Alan tell a knock-knock joke

This post is from last spring, shortly after the feral beast's arrival when he was still afraid of everything and everyone. 


George: Knock knock.
Johnny CashCat: Who's there?
George: A herd.

Johnny CashCat: A herd who?
Alan: A herd you were home so we came over.

Since Johnny won't leave the feed room to meet the herd, I let the herd in the feed room to meet him.

Johnny CashCat: Please tell me I don't have to share my litter box with them.

Is it my imagination or is Johnny rolling his eyes at me?

Johnny: That burro just picked up a bale of hay with his teeth!
And she wonders why I'm afraid of him...

Lucy: I'll be your friend, Johnny. My jokes are much better.


  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I have enjoyed Johnny's transformation over the past year. A tribute to a loving family.


  2. A celebration is required for a job well done. Keeping the mice at bay requires a toast. Here's to ya, Johnny Cash Cat.
    BA SP

  3. Hard to believe it has been that long on the one hand and one the other it's as though JCC has always been there.

  4. great herd, great cat! Happy Anniversary to Johnny from his fan club! he deserves a special festive meal

  5. JCC is such a beautiful cat all dressed in orange. My cat is a muted tortoise shell and she looks like a little old lady in her best tweed suit.

    Jo , Stella and Zkhat