Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday encore ~ April 19, 1993

I'm not one for celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in a big way – they're just days on the calendar for the most part. 
Except for this day, and particularly this year. 

I will celebrate today, April 19, as I always do: re-reading my favorite book, 
with a shit-eating grin  great big smile on my face that won't quit until I reach the end.
It will take several hours, and there may be a glass of wine...or two...involved, and I will savor every word.

This is the book. I have no idea what the title on the sleeve is. If anybody out there reads Japanese, maybe you can clue me in.
The book was given to me by a business associate from Japan.

At the time, it was full of blank pages, but I wrote in it from March 15 through August 20 of 1993 and almost filled it up. 
It's part diary, part journal, part to-do list ... sort of like a blog minus the computer. 
Anyway, it's got a pretty good plot and a very happy ending.

What's that thing called that's sort of like a tassle and sewn into the spine and can be used to mark a special page? 
Surely not a bookmarker – that's way too common. 
Well, whatever that thing is, I use it to mark off the page called April 19.

It's the day I walked into my boss's office and resigned from my job and life as I knew it, to move to New Mexico 
and be the person I'm quite sure I was meant to be. That was 20 years ago today. 

We'll pause for a moment now to let my parents gasp and say, "20 YEARS! Where has the time gone?!"

(If you're not familiar with the whole story, go to the About tab at the top of this page to find the links 
to the four-part synopsis I call "My fairy tale but it's true.") 

Last night while Smooch and I were on our walk, I started wondering what my life would be like today
if I hadn't done what I did on April 19, 1993. Where would I be living? What would I be doing? 
I have no freakin' clue. In my heart and soul, this life right here, on a ranch in the middle of nowhere New Mexico 
in the company of animals, is the one I am meant to be living. And I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth 
to have been able to figure that out twenty years ago.

(Update: When this post was published originally, commenter Shanna shared that
the title on the book sleeve translates to "Freedom Diary."


  1. I think everybody gets a chance to have the life they were suppose to have but some realize it while others don't. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! This is a great day and what a fitting title...

  2. Your story was how I found your blog. I googled topics about quitting corporate life. It was 2011 and I had risen to be a VP at a large corporation and I was miserable. Because I am a life long learner I had been taking classes on residential design, CAD, construction, codes ....I had designed our home ...I helped friends with theirs, this was a hobby completely unrelated to my job. was my passion and I had the crazy thought I could quit and start my own business. June of 2011 I did just that and have been blessed beyond measure. I get to work at home with my furry sidekick and create spaces people live their lives in....and I am having so much fun. It was a huge leap of faith and your story helped me take that jump. Thank you for sharing it.
    Lisa G in TN

  3. Ah, this story of finding the place (physical and mental) of where you were meant to be is a wonderful one and -wow- what an incredibly fitting title for your then blank book.
    I often ask myself the "what if" question - what if I had never followed my dream of animals...I, too, can't imagine...and the thought alone is an uncomfortable one!

  4. Even though I have read and re-read your fairy tale, this entry still gives me chills!

  5. Freedom Diary, indeed! Happy Anniversary. We are enriched because you had the guts to live the life you were meant to. This is also the anniversary of my Freedom Day. Happy Easter.

  6. OK, I am giggling now that we know the translation on the book edge :)

  7. p.s. Happy Freedom Anniversary eh!

  8. Congratulations on finding your path and having the courage to follow it. And thank you for sharing your journey with us. Time does fly when you're doing what you love.

  9. Michelle from BC4/19/14, 8:38 AM

    I too have read your story several times over the years. I marvel at your strength to give it all up for the life you have now and envy you with each new post. I may not work in the corporate world ...... Nothing that exciting but I dream of one day having my own slice of heaven like the 7msn ranch.

  10. I love your "story" every time I read it. You are truly an inspiration and the title of the book is quite fitting and moving. And I'll give you a quote that I believe fits you and your blog to a T......Gen. 12:12, "blessed to be a blessing". .............. that's who I and obviously so many others, see you as. I'm am blessed by your freedom choice every day. Thanks for sharing this wonderous tale and Happy Anniversary. Oma Linda

  11. How incredible that the title of the book so aptly matched the spirit of your entries! It was meant to be, for sure!

  12. That was such a great decision! Oma Linda expressed things so well. A friend has a very stressful customer service job that she has had for over 20 years. She is going to retire next week, however she said she really just wants to walk up to her boss and say "I QUIT".

  13. And a grand anniversary it is for all of us who love you!! I'm glad you were able to follow your heart!

  14. And everybody on the header for the blog agrees that you made the decision of a lifetime - mainly theirs :)

    Keep celebrating and giggling. We will keep joining you in the adventure.

  15. That is a grand day indeed with an superb decision, congratulations to you. and thank you for sharing.

  16. Linda, have you seen this? I thought of you when I read this on Hannah/Seaside donkey. a British woman who will cross US on horse, she's done it before between China and London : facebook:

  17. That's awesome. I like how you had the foresight to write it down, so you could re-read it every year. Congratulations on making it this far.

  18. I love this story and can never hear it enough. Contentment and choosing to be who and where you want to be, freedom diary indeed. Thank you for sharing your life.

  19. Happy anniversary! You are an inspiration to many including myself.

  20. That marker looks like a little horse tail. Which is appropriate...:)

    Happy anniversary!