Monday, April 7, 2014

Because you asked - Does Wynonna get to wander?

Jean asked, "Does Wynonna get to wander into the front 40? Back 40? Is she donkey-and-horse savvy 
or would she get herself under their hoofs and be kicked?"

The short answer is no, no, yes but not in the way you would expect, and yes.

When Wynonna was much younger and we were living in the place we lived before we moved to the 7MSN, 
she liked to refresh herself on hot summer days by bathing in her water tub. One day after she displaced 
a sizable amount of water from her tub, she followed the stream under the fence into Hank and Lyle's corral, 
whereupon she wallowed in the mud, then took a nap. I was in my office at the time and missed all of this...
until Hank and Lyle woke her up and she began screaming as only a pig can. They started chasing her around the corral, 
and she outran them until she figured out an escape route under the fence. She may have set some sort of land speed record, 
but she learned her lesson well and never strayed into their territory again. 
I learned a valuable lesson, too: keep her separate from the equines at all times to avoid Wynonna – or me – having a heart attack.

So when I was planning the layout for the 7MSN, I made sure that Wynonna would have her own play space, 
safe from the pounding of hooves and all other things that could cause her harm.

Wynonna and the equines share a common fence, and she has conversations with all of them on a daily basis
when they poke their noses next to hers.

Wynonna's end of the conversations is extremely loud and ferocious. If the equines do not come bearing treats,
she tells them in no uncertain terms to get the hell out of her space.

The equines eventually back off because of Wynonna's histrionics.
Her drooling, foaming mouth might put them off a bit, as well.

We're all happier, safer and calmer with Wynonna in her space and the equines in theirs.


  1. Do pigs get gray as they age like black dogs do?

    1. Wynonna has a few silver threads on her back but most of her hair is still black. Her skin has always been gray.

    2. You probably have a few silver threads too after that incident. I know I would.

  2. this all makes perfect sense to me... and everyone is happy... and we are to

  3. Princesses are so demanding. Love her little operatic heart.

  4. I always wondered why Ms. W was separated from the herd but it certainly makes perfect sense. Everyone having their own play spaces makes for less worry for "da momma". Great photos of both of your diva girls. Oma Linda

  5. My neighbor's PBP can make an undescribably loud noise. Ear protection is needed when the vet comes to trim his hooves.

  6. Thanks Linda! And, yes, there is NOTHING like a screaming pot bellied pig to give one a heart attack. When I fostered some, I once had neighbours from three acreages away come racing down the road to my property thinking someone was critically injured - all we were doing was trimming tusks and toes.
    As for pigs and equines - good plan. While some piggies can get along safely with some equines (one of the ones at the sanctuary is in love with one of the horses and follows her everywhere - and the horse is ever so careful where her hooves go when the pig is nearby), it sounds like Wynonna is not one of those piggies. Mind you, I'd scream too if someone disturbed my mud bath. :)

  7. She's just too adorable. You know I love Wynonna and find her antics hysterical.