Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A spring evening in the pasture

Smooch and I drove out to the back 40 last evening on a multi-tasking mission. 
We would pull locoweed, take pictures, listen to an audiobook, and otherwise enjoy the extra daylight.
It didn't go as smoothly as planned.

Lucy couldn't wait for me to fill up the yellow pail with snacks,

Hank wouldn't leave us alone until he had finished vacuuming the hay out of the Ranger,

and George and Alan had to play with Smooch's leash, a few dead fly masks, 
and everything else that wasn't tied down.

Smooch: We're not getting many weeds pulled.

I'm happy to report that there aren't that many left...I think. The locoweed invasion is 
much less dense than in previous years, and I've been able to cover a lot of ground in the past week.

Everyone else finally got bored with the Ranger and its contents, but Alan stuck around to talk to Smooch.

Smooch growled at Alan.

I growled at Smooch.

Alan thought it best to remove himself from the situation...

...and walked off to pose for next year's calendar.


  1. Poor Smooch, doesn't enjoy all the love of the donkeys.
    You're right, that last photo is definitely calendar worthy. :)

  2. love, love, love your blog. It is the first thing I do each day at work. I start my computer.. look at your blog and enjoy!!

  3. i love that ranger and would like to drive it.. Donkey's should know the ranger is Smooch Territory...

  4. See? No training necessary! Alan's is a natural talent.

  5. Great shots. You can see the worry in Alan's eye as he is being growled at by Smooch. (and probably the thought WTF??)

  6. You have a lovely life.


  7. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  8. Isn't it strange how siblings interact? Someone's always got a monkey wrench to throw into the mix. Love these photos of your "kids" and their personalities.

  9. Your trip to the back forty may not have gone as planned, but from this reader's perspective, it was perfect. The animals are much more entertaining than locoweed, and that last shot is just beautiful!

  10. I still can't wrap my head around locoweed. Evil stuff. Those photos of Alan and Smooch together are so gorgeous. Sometimes, things turn out even better than we'd planned.

  11. I agree with Jean! I love your post, as always. JCC just doesn't know what he's missing by not befriending Smooch - if they could get along, I'll bet Smooch would invite JCC to ride with him. After all, Smooch is the boss.....

  12. An American in Tokyo4/2/14, 6:36 PM

    Love that last picture of Alan!! It's beeeeeeeeeeeyoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuutiful!!