Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Johnny stands his ground

It was Sunday afternoon and I had crossed off the last item on my weekend to-do list. 
I headed into the pasture to hang out with my friends.
Johnny seemed a little miffed that he hadn't been invited and followed me down the path.

When he realized he'd traveled outside his safety zone...

...he made an abrupt turn toward the nearest cactus, under which he could hide if necessary.

I kept going and found Hank. Lucy, George and Alan were nowhere in sight, 
but I had a good guess as to their whereabouts by the direction Hank's ears were pointing.

Hank: You shouldn't be out this far, you know.

Johnny: I know. I'm counting on you to hide me.

Which Hank probably would have done, but not before gathering his herd.
He beckoned them with an ear-splitting whinny...

...which sent scaredy cat racing for the barn.
 On the off chance that they actually listened to Hank, Johnny did not want to be caught in the stampede.

I followed Johnny, Hank followed me, and eventually we were all gathered at the barn.

Johnny was waiting for us.

George was indignant that I blocked his passage through the doorway.

Me: You have to move now or you're going to get stomped on.

Johnny: What's the secret password?


  1. Bah, Ram, Moo? Can't remember...:)
    Love how Johnny is so well camouflaged on the dirt...although the hawks are keen to that, AND they're bold in their strikes. When our Goldens (2) were puppies, we were all out in the yard, and a hawk boldly swooped down to grab one of the babies just as my husband was picking her up! We were ALL shocked by the fierce boldness of that bird. I know they have to eat too, but I wish they'd stick to slithering things. I'm glad Johnny knows his boundaries!

  2. "Hay"
    ... aka Brunch!

    M in NC

  3. Poor Johnny! He wants to be able to follow you where ever! I had a cat (Thor) for many years who would go on hikes with me. Sometimes we'd be out for a few hours. I was sick for a few years (not able to walk very far at all) and he stuck by me all that time. When I got my 'legs back' he just lengthened the distance he'd go with me. One of my favourite memories of him was a time that we were sitting on the edge of a field on two large rocks ... just looking out at the day. He'd had a run in with a hay combine one year and only had a short stub where his tail used to be. (We had to have it removed as he lost sensation in it and would find that it would get stuck in doors, trees ...) Sure do miss him!

  4. Johnny is so photogenic... he is just beautiful.... and a smart kitty cat to...

  5. The passwords are "move or else eh" ;) JCC has a very nice coat of kitty cat hair, just perfect for a human to enjoy giving him a loving rubbing.

  6. Wouldn't we all like to hear a Hank whinny?

    1. Shelley, Hank yells out a good on in the first two seconds of this video.

    2. Haha! I thought that was the actual soundtrack on Ghost Riders in the Sky!! Nice one!

  7. He is a bold cat, but knows Hank is in charge of the herd.

  8. All cats have passwords and they are never willing to give them up.

    BA SP

  9. That's okay, I don't want JCC to be wandering out in that pasture anyway. :)

  10. Just one of the traits of cats that I'm not sure I understand.....not letting some one else pass without the "password" look. Glad Hank gave him a reason to scurry back to the barn. All's fair in the wide open spaces and JCC is better off close to home, but that's the scaredy olde broad talking here. Oma Linda

  11. So glad Johnny knows his safety limits re going for walks, and I love that he is now comfortable laying claim to the barn in the face of Hank! :)

  12. I love that he wants to join you on walks with the herd. Hank is such a good leader, looking out for everyone the way he does. xoxo

  13. That's where it makes it tough because when Johnny goes out beyond his safety zone in his desire to be with you, he can become convinced it's safer there than it would be when you aren't there. I had that happen years back with a gray striped tabby who followed me on walks and I thought it was cute until one day he didn't return-- ever. From then on I haven't encouraged them to leave their barn region. I know it's hard when you need to go back and he wants your company.

  14. Smart cat!


  15. When I was a kid I had a long skinny cat like JCC and I used to wear him around my neck. Maybe Johnny would like a ride!

    Jo in MN

  16. Hello Linda,

    I lost your blog when I transferred to wordpress, and only realised it when Mum happened to ask me how Wynona is! So glad I found you again and your gang seem well...and the new kitty, what a handsome chap!

    Gaina :)

  17. Is that blood on JCC's back in the last picture? Poor guy!
    Tijeras, NM

  18. Johnny wants to protects you, he comes out just to be with you. How lucky you are to have such loving attention!

  19. I LOVE Johnny!!!!!
    And Fish, too (yesterday's pics were awesome).
    Does Johnny know about Fish?