Monday, March 31, 2014

Because you asked: Are George or Alan trained in any discipline?

If looking adorable and modeling are considered disciplines, then yes, absolutely!

If you were meaning something productive, such as driving, then no.
In their second year here, I had great aspirations for teaching them to drive, but I couldn't make it work.
We had some success when I had another person available to assist,
but on the other 364 days of the year we got nowhere.


But healthy, well-cared-for donkeys can live to be 50,
so there's still plenty of time to train them to do something...

...besides annoy each other.


  1. doesn't matter AT ALL if they can DO anything, just LOOKING at them is enough for me... every single one of these photos makes
    me smile and feel happy and full of joy... so they do a lot... they lift our spirits by annoying each other and looking so darned adorable...

  2. Ahem! It looks like they're training you!

  3. They look like good friends.


  4. I know which one you would take if you walked across the United States after you retire. It's a given.
    BA SP

  5. They are so adorable and happy.

  6. ... begs the question..... can older donkeys learn new tricks.....?? Not that they are old in the donkey world... maybe they are actually just getting around to training age....

  7. Those two have the best skill set of all, just being happy and healthy and lots of us. Oma Linda

  8. That's not true! They both are very musical when the feed bins are overturned. Thump, thump, thump. They could join the cast of STOMP and make you a bazillionaire. :)

  9. My two donkeys do serve a purpose. They are my pasture therapists, and provide all the love and attention that anyone wants! All day if necessary! George and Alan are bit more entertaining than my two though. :)

  10. I always laugh at folks who say that Equines, whether it be horses or Donkeys or mules, need to have a "Job". Sure it is better for them physically, but truthfully, my ponies are all perfectly happy on the days they don't have to do anything. If they have good lives and they make you happy...then that is their "job".

  11. These days, you don't need training to be famous, just good looks and and a talented publicist.

  12. Carol in N. Colorado3/31/14, 12:53 PM

    George and Alan are trained therapists and comedians. The laughs we all get from reading about their antics is healthy for us as it also brightens our day.

  13. no chance to teach them to scoop the poop?

  14. Do ya see what's going on in that last picture?
    Alan: Cross your right hoof over your left hoof.
    George: Why? I'll fall over.
    Alan: That'd be good. It's our JOB.
    George: What? To lay down?
    Alan: To be funny. So mom's blog friends laugh and start their day happy.
    George: Do we get paid?
    Alan: Buckets and buckets.
    George: Yeah, those are fun...
    Alan: Let's go find one...
    George: Make sure mom follows...

    And the antics continue on and on..!! :-)