Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The battle of the burros continues

We watched yesterday as the battle of the burros began with just one look. 

It quickly escalated with a stink-eye from George...

...and moved on to mutual rearing. Hank was not impressed.

Then there was some back and forth cheek-biting,

open-mouthed one-ups-manship,

and fake-ferocious chomping.

Burros should have their own wrestling federation. It's all just for show and nobody gets hurt.


  1. your post always makes me feel good.

  2. This is wayyyyyy more entertaining than TV! No naked body parts and everyone is friends again as soon as supper is served.

  3. Must be so fun to watch this live. We need a video!

  4. It's seems it's all in jest. Horses sometimes bite each other and I see nasty bite wounds on their bodies. I'm glad that doesn't happen
    with these little guys.
    BA SP

  5. There are times when I really wish you could tell what's going on in their minds. I guess dogs play, so why not donkeys?

  6. Rowdy rumbles. Wondering how long it took before you relaxed and knew it was just for fun.

  7. Great teeth show! you have a pretty good wrestling vocabulary Linda!

  8. That look from George was SO intense, I could actually SMELL the stink-eye!! You're right about the BWF (Burro Wresting Federation), your guys make it look real and dangerous and intense...what great actors they are!! (Uh, what do ya mean the WWF is make believe??!! Here in Mississippi, it's the real deal!)

  9. I just want to hug them, even when they're being little stinkers!