Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday encore ~ More adventures with Honey Bunny

Me: Honey Bunny! So good to see you this fine morning. Whatcha doing?
HB: Hiding from that damned dog. Does she have to bark every stinkin' time she sees me?

Me: Yes.

Me: I'd be more concerned with that burro over there if I were you. That's his Jolly Ball, you know.

HB: Crap. He sees me.

HB: Later.

HB: Those big ears of his are scary.

Me: I'd be less concerned with his ears and more concerned about your own.
Who or what has been chewing on you?

Me: Please tell me it hasn't been one of my chickens.

HB: All I wanted this morning was a simple drink of water. What do I get? 
A barking dog, a burro bully, and a face-to-beak encounter with a carniverous chicken. 
Don't even get me started about you and that camera.

HB: The water's pretty good, though. You might want to clean this tub before I come back tomorrow.


  1. precious little bunny and poor little chewed up ears....

  2. Sweet little hunny bunny!

  3. Based upon this close encounter with the canine and equine kinds, HB lives a risky life. The ears speak volumes. Proud that HB navigated this obstacle course without injury. Tougher than he looks.

  4. I guess HB finds peace and sustenance in your place. outside there are the coyotes and the snakes

  5. great pictures!!!! super cute bunny poo

  6. Is the bunny still around now that you have Johnny Cat?