Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Peach's wild ride

It was Thursday at lunchtime, and I went outside to do chores. I shooed all the chickens into their pen, or so I thought, 
and let Wynonna into the yard for the afternoon. I was back at work in my office when something out the window caught my eye.

Peach was having pork for lunch.

Peach: Could you pass the mustard, please?

Peach: Easy there, girlfriend. I'm riding bareback and there's nothing to hang on to.

Wynonna: Get off my back now or I will buck you off.
This isn't my first rodeo, you know.

Wynonna won the go-round, Peach rejoined her sisters in the coop, and I went back to work.


  1. This is wonderful and it reminds me that there is so much happening right in front of us that we might easily miss. Let's take time to look!

  2. I love your critters!
    I love your photos!
    You always make my day brighter!
    Thank you!

    Deb in Viola

  3. you dont need television in your corner of paradise! love it!

  4. I'm thinking Greased Pig Contest at the 7MSN and wouldn't Wynona love being covered in Crisco??! What's another layer of fat gonna hurt, especially in the middle of winter?

    And, seriously, Peach looks lethal with those feet...the Tarantula Terror herself :-)

  5. in fact your pictures remind me of the birds that perch on top of rhinoceros in the wild

  6. An American in Tokyo1/19/14, 5:52 PM

    The photos are great!
    Never knew chickens liked to ride other animals!

    Just wondering about Wynonna's toes...they look awfully long! Do they naturally wear down or do you have to trim them from time to time?