Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday encore ~ It's all fun and games until somebody decides to cheat

It was late Sunday afternoon – a little windy, kind of cloudy, and the herd was passing the time until their next meal.
I looked out the window and saw Hank and Lucy napping. George and Alan were up to something, I knew not what.
I went outside to get a closer look.

They weren't getting into any trouble–for a change–just playing Jolly Ball and looking particularly adorable.

Dear Jolly Ball Manufacturer,
You might want to rethink your claim that "puncturing and biting will not destroy" your product.

Anyway, George and Alan were putting on quite a show, running around with the Jolly Ball ...

... using the Jolly Ball to plow the pasture .... 

... and getting into a spirited game of tug-of-Jolly Ball.

Alan: I'm cuter and smarter. I win.

George: I'm bigger and stronger. I win.

Alan: You're right. Go ahead. Take it. It's all yours. I am not worthy.

George: Hmm. It appears to be stuck to the ground.

Alan: *snicker*

George: I hate it when you cheat.


  1. your donkeys have got to be the funniest donkeys on the face of the earth.. i just love seeing them doing all this crazy stuff. the hoof on the tab is so funny... they remind me of toddlers with all the mischief they get in. only i like donkeys better than toddlers.

  2. So smart! Who said donkeys and horses weren't smart?

  3. They have so much fun together. Never miss an opportunity for rivalry.

  4. love the hoof, such a shrewed boy this Alan! I think these plastic games are sensitive to dry/frozen climate conditions rather than to donkey bites

  5. This blog is like having the funny papers come alive.....only way, way better!! Adorable characters. I'm just in love with all of them and I don't want to go a day without seeing one or all of them. Thank you once again and hugs to all.

  6. The BurroDuo, adorable to the max, and so smart, and funny and sweet and cute and touching and irresistible and heartwarming and... "Made my day" isn't just a phrase; these pictures and little stories are like good medicine but without harmful side effects.