Friday, December 13, 2013

Ranchsitter Dispatch #2

All's well in sunny, hot, humid south Florida. I'm keeping very busy doing exciting stuff like cleaning out the garage. 
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Danni is staying busy, too, taking care of the animals and taking pictures so that I can post them here.
Here's her latest report:

JohnnyCashCat never fails to entertain me.

After greeting me this morning, he went right back to bed.

Who could blame him?

He came out eventually to perform his balance beam routine.

Wynonna was feisty and enthusiastic this morning, and was quite vocal about telling me 
I had more cookies in my pocket beyond the two she traditionally gets.
Chickens are fine. No eggs, the slackers.

Smooch cracks me up. 

She had a rousing session with Brett Michaels last night.

 I can't believe that toy is still identifiable.

This morning she has scattered dog food throughout the house, including on my bed.

Smooch: You got a problem with that?


  1. Dogs that don't eat their food confuse me. My lab could get any stranger off the street to come in to the house and feed him his meals. He is very effective at pointing out where the food is.

    I just don't understand a dog like her. It just makes her all the more mystical!

  2. My cat does that when he does not like his croquettes he pushed them out of his bowl!

  3. i think the food sprinkles are Smooches non verbal way to say where is my MOM???? love that snug bed JC has. i would stay in it to. God bless the ranch sitter

  4. Smooch is just sharing--in case you get hungry. :)

  5. Smooch has a little drama queen in her. Who knew? Doesn't want you to tink she doesn't miss you while you are away.

    Johnny's bed is fantastic. You find the best stuff.

    All is well and of course you already know that.

  6. Smooch is content and happy, knowing she and the rest of the kids are being well taken care of!
    Ooh Carson! I love garage stuff, anything good I might want? Let me know! I will ship!

  7. Maybe Smooch left food because she couldn't find any rose petals.

  8. Johnny does seem to be happy.
    Love the food everywhere.

    So nice that you came so she could go visit.

    Stay warm,


  9. I see the gang is settling in just fine with their ranch sitter eh.

  10. Simply the best! That's what you ladies/rancher-women are, never ever letting your fans/addicts/adorers down when we are eagerly awaiting the latest news. Simply the best, I say, and thank you!

  11. Thank you Danni for being such a good person and friend to Linda, and for giving me my daily smile. I loved all the pics today, especially Johnny so snug in his little bed. He loves the camera! I will admit I'm having Wynonna withdrawal, I need to see her! Smooch misses you but loves Danni, and everything is good. I think that is why she scattered her food. Loved seeing your smile in warm Florida with your mom! Happy day to all......Retta :-)

  12. Thanks for keeping us up on all the happy goings on!

  13. Smooch is scattering her food like Hansel and Gretel, to be sure Linda can come home safely!!

  14. An American in Tokyo12/15/13, 5:40 PM

    I have never seen a dog scattering food around the house!!
    Maybe Smooch was trying to spell something with the kibbles?! ;)

    Smart doggie!!