Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby carrots – they're the new watermelon

Lucy: Where do baby carrots come from?

Me: The refrigerator. Ranchsitter #7 left them and we have to use them up before they rot.

Lucy: That isn't what I meant.
Me: I know, but I didn't want you to be frightened by the truth.

Lucy: Actually, they could come from Mars for all I care. 
I just know that I loves me some baby carrots.

Hank: Dare I say these are better than watermelon? No messy drips and 
they make my eyes pop out of my head just as much.

George: Wait. There's two of us and only one baby carrot.

Alan: What's your point?

George: Baby carrots put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

George: I also hear they're very good for dental health.

Now before you get all "you're gonna lose a finger feeding baby carrots that way" on me, understand that 
it's a sacrifice I've chosen to make in the name of better pictures. The boys' eyes light up 
when I wave a baby carrot in front of their faces, much more so than with the safer 
"place it in the palm of the flat hand" method.

Hank: You need to work on your aim, mom. I can't eat it with my nose.

Me: I'm multi-tasking here. Give me a break.

A solution to the two-headed four-eyed baby-carrot-eating monster dilemma?

I'd call that a win win.

Me: Patience, Alan. George is still chewing.

Me: These are the last two in the bag, boys.

George: Put them on the grocery list, please. 
Me: Count on it. This was fun.


  1. They are also a shortcut when fixing a quick stir-fry. Quick rinse (if you feel inclined) , chop and toss in the pan.

    I'm sure the herd enjoyed RanchSitter #7's thoughtfulness :)

    M in NC

  2. The bug-eyed-equine look is very similar to the labrador-licking-the-butter -dish-before-it-goes-in-the-dishwasher look. Just this side of crazy!

  3. PLUS what is fun for you is fun for us to... enjoyed ever finger defying moment.

  4. OHMY, the things you do to for your blog eh ;) adorable.

  5. My crew (all dogs) LOVE baby carrots! Sam, my Poingle (Beagle/Pointer mix) bugs his eyes out, too, when eating baby carrots.

    Hope Wynonna and the chickens also got a taste of the carrots! I don't think Johnny CashCat would enjoy them, unless you blended them with tuna :-)


  6. I can't believe carrots aren't a staple on your "treats for the equines" list! I guess they will be now.

  7. They are NOT better than watermelon!!!! :)

  8. I loved your post today, thank you. Laurie

  9. Anything for the angels. :) Glad you all enjoyed them and glad RS#7 left them behind.

  10. Drghckgaahh, another post I'll have to revisit umpteen times per hour! Without ever getting enough. If these pictures also came with sound and smell, I'd just park myself on this page forever.

    Love how the BurroDuo is (appears to be?) so sweet about sharing.

  11. love the baby carrots! I always buy them esp. when they go on sale... but they are usually cheap enough any way. Great for soups and stews, dips and snacking and when cut up make perfect little rounds for in pastas and salads. BUT they are PERFECT to use as training treats, just the right size for stuffing in your pocket!

  12. The only problem with feeding baby carrots is they can get caught side ways in a horse's throat and cause choke. A friend of mine's horse had one stuck and was having a hard time breathing. She didn't know what was wrong because it did not happen immediately after feeding the baby carrots. When the vet came out, she found the carrot stuck in the horses's throat. It was constricting some of the horse's airway. The vet said it happens quite a lot with the baby carrots and recommends not feeding them. That's why I won't feed them- just regular carrots. You pics are cute though!

  13. So funny! I always do baby carrots for the humans in my house (I'm lazy like that). But after a accidental overflow (bought 2 big bags a week apart thinking we were out) of baby carrots that needed to be used up, I have been bringing them out to the barn. He's getting spoiled! But they are so easy to feed, I have never been much of a treat person. But I hate to waste food, so now I am a treat person. Goose is happy about that!

  14. Janet's right, it's not as much fun as watermelon... But the faces are still so adorable! Cleaner for frigid temps I am sure. Love Hank's eyes and the pure delight in Lucy's face like... Yummmm
    Alan and George, what can I say...hysterical as always!

  15. their eyes are popping out because they think they are eating your fingers!!!!! hahaha

  16. You must just crack up thinking what you write to us. This time I loved it.

  17. Baby carrots are a hit over here too, with my dog. *smile*

  18. Lol! I WAS going to comment on you finger-threatening technique... You saw us coming on this one :)

  19. I never knew I could love donkeys faces so much!!

  20. My carrots!!!!!! Hee hee, I knew these leftovers would find their way to the herd. And see? I knew you'd come to love carrots, Carson....just for a different reason than I expected! :-)

  21. Nom nom nom nom..... Fuzzy Henry would like to be part of your herd.

    And I thought you were getting ready to clean out both of Alan's nostrils in that 3rd to last shot. Heehee
    And love the multitasking you've got going on! Oh, the sacrifices you make to keep us happy!

  22. Had to laugh at the alignment of one of those last pics where it looks like you are putting a carrot up each of Allan's nostrils. :)

  23. Those faces are adorable and they have personalities that shine through. It looks like you kept all ten fingers :)

  24. Bet those carrots are from right here in Kern County. I prefer to grow my own, but those dinky carrots are hugely popular. And Kern County Thanks you.

  25. You know, I feed my donkeys the same way. They are ever so gentle and use only their lips and never use their teeth to take a treat or anything. Even my grandson can feed them. Libby I feed the same way, but with her, the children are instructed to use "flat hand". I am always amazed at how gentle my donkeys are. Buddy, will NOT take a treat off the ground, a bucket or a flat hand. Don't know why, but he has always been that way.

  26. Happy New Year! Love the video!