Monday, December 9, 2013

A fight in black in white

 George: If you get any closer, I'll poop on you.


 George: I cannot believe you did that.

 George: You know darned well she's going to put that on the blog and embarrass us.

 George: Go...just go...get out of my space.

 George: I mean it!

 George: He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

 Alan: I heard that.

George: Wanna make somethin' of it?

Alan: Maybe I do.

 Lucy: Stop it right now, both of you.

Lucy: The good folks out there come here for laughs, not arguments.


  1. Brothers! They are all the same--hooves or not...

  2. And Lucy's coming for you!

  3. LOL! Love this! Great way to start my day, thank you!
    Hope you're doing well. :)

  4. It's a silly boy thing. I don't think we'll ever understand them. It's not complicated. Ha!

    Best always,

  5. hahahha that was so hilarious , lol :DD

  6. except in this case the argument made me LAUGH... our loud... I did not realize Alan is so much smaller than the others..

  7. You absolutely nailed it! Doesn't get any better than your blog Carson. Thanks for making me smile.

  8. The boys are an endless source of entertainment. :)

  9. Alexander (the Great)12/9/13, 7:22 AM

    The long-ears look so gorgeous in black and white, even if they are behaving badly.
    Wonderful photos!

    (This doesn't mean I don't find them gorgeous in color too)

  10. Those Boyz. Fussing and fighting is part of the day when you're with your bro. Good thing Lucy can scare a little sense into them. tee hee.
    I love your wit Ms. Linda, Oma Linda

  11. oh goose! what a funny expression! and B/W gives a nice drama effet!

  12. Brilliant! Wonderful!

  13. I actually read that in my head in three totally different accents...