Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday encore ~ They didn't get the memo about the time change

Wynonna: Hurry up. You're an hour late with my dinner.
Me: I beg your pardon, but I am right on time. 

Wynonna: Like hell you are.
Me: Wynonna, we've had this same discussion every stinkin' fall for the past 16 years.

Wynonna: And not once has it made any sense. Just shut up and feed me.

Wynonna: I'm waiting...

Me: Foaming at the mouth? Seriously? Isn't that a little dramatic?
Wynonna: I told you I was starving. Did you believe me? No.

I'm going to interrupt this story to point something out that you might have overlooked.

I have snout smears on the front of my house.

Meanwhile, over in the corral...

George: Feed us this very minute or there will be nothing left of my neck.
Do you want that on your conscience?

Alan: Daylight-schmaylight. Would it kill you to feed us a little early?

Lucy: I'm going over there. Maybe I can talk some sense into her.

Lucy: This whole situation is getting entirely out of hand. 
Alan and George are about to jump out of their skin they're so hungry.

Alan: I can't HANDLE the time change!

Hank: All good things come to he who waits patiently by his feed tub.


  1. Me too. I have trouble the first week of daylight savings. Saskatchewan is a smart province. They never change their time.

    Best always,

  2. I agree with your gang, I dislike this time change nonsense ;(
    hope you and your family are doing well.

  3. I think we've all been patiently waiting by our feed tubs for this post and the many more that will come.

    Thanks, Carson.

  4. This is the story of my life right now with my cats and my dog! I continue to be woken up at what is now 4:30 in the morning!

  5. *snout smears*... you're killing me Carson! ;D

  6. so happy to find this post today.. and yet another beautiful and entrancing story from your ranch. my favorite two pics are the foaming mouth and the rearing donkey's. i have been ranting about the time change because the two dogs pester us an hour early. they know when we eat our three meals and they get theirs at 3 pm... one hour before each of those 4 times, they start to pace and pester me... at least i only have 2.. not a whole ranch full.

  7. Such a attitude that girl has, you can see it in the way she walks! :-)
    Lucy and the boys are usually patient unless they decide to be rude and nudge you into hurrying....
    I miss those big cuddly faces and hugs

  8. Thank you for posting today...your herd (and all other furry beings) are a balm for the soul.

    As for the time change: I lived in Arizona for 35 years (the only state left that leaves their clocks alone) and then I moved to Mississippi 5 years ago, YIKES was I annoyed by Daylight Savings Time!! I'm with Wynona...I DON'T understand it!!

    "Spring forward, Fall back" are now part of my mantra, if I ever want to watch my favorite TV programs and not just see the credits rolling by and 'scenes from next week's episode'!!!

  9. I HATE it! I finally solved the cat problem by putting dry food in her bowl and expecting her to manage herself!

    My Dad used to feed his dog in 15 min. increments earlier or later, as he approached the dreaded time change.

  10. The snout smears crack me up! I'm so glad I live in AZ where we don't mess with our clocks. It never made sense to me to change them anyhow. The sun doesn't care what time we humans like to think it is-it's coming up and setting when it darn well pleases. :)

  11. Wondering: snout smears on the wall = wall scrapes on the snout, or is Wynonna sufficiently "hard-nosed" ~

    @ Mom L - I used the same strategy as your dad, not only for the pets but also for my mom who needed certain meds at precise intervals. Sneaking up on the time change in 10 or 15 minute increments made for a smooth transition. (Time is such a weird concept anyway.)

  12. And I thought canine "snot spots" on the windows were too much...LOVE the snout smears!

  13. SWEET as ALWAYS!!! LOVE to YOU and YOUR sweeties! Haven't visited for quite a while, looks like nothing has changed much!

  14. Same thing here with my dogs. We just have to move to Arizona.

  15. my critters are struggling with it as well. Obviously no one consulted the animals over this idea

  16. Wynonna doesn't get a pretty bowl from which to dine? No wonder there are snout smears, a lady requires certain accommodations!

  17. Same in this house.... and when I had a small dog, I had post-dinner snout smears on the hem of the sofa cover.....

  18. As we drove down to El Paso on Friday, we waved and blew air kisses to you and the critters. I wasn't even gone long and missed the cats and our in resident "must feed me on time" canine. Animals just want what they want when they want it....sorta like the grands. hehe

  19. I'm with Wynonna. It's never made much sense to me either. There's one thing I really love about living in my new home on the prairies - we don't need to change no stinkin' clocks. Yippee!

  20. Just so you know, this has nothing to do w/ the time change at my house. It's a zoo every time I mention the "c" (aka, "cookie") word or "eat".