Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Saturday errands with Smooch

The weather is finally cool enough for Smooch to accompany me on my weekly trip to town. 
Having her along makes the trip almost tolerable.

I just wish she'd relax and enjoy it. We weren't even out of the garage when she went on high alert.

Here is Smooch at the first cattle guard.

Me: Smooch, the odds of something coming down the road toward us are about a million to one. Chill.

Here is Smooch at the mailbox.

Me: Smooch, we've got five more stops. Please, relax.

Here is Smooch at the feed store.

Me: Smooch, you've got to blink at some point.

Here is Smooch at the post office.

Smooch: This place is creepy. No wonder they're losing money.

Here is Smooch at the Sonic Drive-in.

Smooch: You should have ordered extra cheese on this breakfast burrito.

Here is Smooch at the hardware store.

Smooch: Hmm. I'm sort of liking it here. There's a cute dog in that truck over there, 
and the cowboy's not bad-looking either. Go on in. Take your time. I'll try to get their number.

Here is Smooch in the Walmart parking lot.

Smooch: If you're not back in 15 minutes, I'm coming in after you.


  1. so sweet, love each stop.. the mailbox seems to get the hardest stare.

  2. Yep, you never who what happens at Walmart. Love the pics. Love the dog.

    Best always,

  3. Best. Dog. Ever. You know that though. :)

  4. Ha! Smooch looks petrified at Walmart. Can't say I blame her.

  5. Aww, Smooch...she would not sit down the whole ride to the airport! Then took my seat :-)
    Miss you guys!

  6. What a hoot! Smooch is one smart pup. Glad to know that you're going to take it easy, now that you're on your own and things are back to normal (fingers crossed).


  7. Carson,
    I have to tell you that really happened to my daughter. She has a french bulldog female names Oakie. Oakie loves to go on car rides so she takes her everywhere when it's not too warm to leave her in the car while she does her errands. She was at Walmart and left Oakie in the car and soon afterward she heard on the loud speaker there is a frenchie running around in the store if she belongs to u please take her outside. Oakie found her before my daughter had a chance to even look for her! Needless to say she is much more careful on car rides with her dog! Deb in Viola, Ks

  8. oh sweet Smooch. so attentive and serious! what a good company! the nice thing is that she does not bark.

  9. Smooch is definitely alert and not missing anything. Does she ever blink? :-)

  10. At the last stop she looks as though she's been looking at the People of Walmart website and is worried about what you'll run into!!!

    Great story!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Been following you and lurking for weeks. Love this blog. Love your posts. Grin

  12. This was a good one. Smooch has more alert levels than Homeland Security! I thought sure there would be cows or antelopes, but no...the scariest place is Walmart. She knows what she's doing. I haven't commented in awhile, but you are the first place I visit when I sign on. You are such a dear person. Thank you for sharing your life and your family of the 7MSN, Carson.

  13. Omg- smooch that really didn't seem like a fun relaxing adventure- but when you are such a good guard dog - that's your life!!
    ........and the Walmart can be a very dangerous place....!!

  14. hysterical!!! "don't you dare leave me in the Wal Mart parking lot!!!" poor Smooch, hahahaha.....

  15. What a sweet guard dog! Love that SMOOCH!

  16. Love all the expressions!
    Cute post