Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ethel winterizes the pig palace

With the temperature dropping into the thirties the past few nights, and an able and willing ranchsitter at the ready,
the time was right to winterize the pig palace.

First Ethel had to convince Wynonna to find temporary quarters elsewhere.

The princess was not pleased.

Then it was time to rake and level a year's worth of accumulated dirt and bits of straw.
It's a messy, dusty, nasty job, but Ethel was laughing behind her bandana.
Ethel laughs at anything.

Ok, so maybe she wasn't laughing when she had to pick up the half bale of new straw and dump it in.

But I sure was laughing when she dove in to spread it around and fluff it up.

Then all of the princess's blankets had to be shaken out. Ethel used the opportunity to practice her matador skills.

Wynonna: Is my room ready?

Wynonna: Ethel, you do nice work. 

Wynonna: Wake me up when it's spring.


  1. I never noticed that the pig palace has a hinged lid ... genius!

    I thought about you and Wynonna at a Pet Expo a couple of weekends ago. There were thousands of people and hundreds of very unhappy dogs in attendance. The happiest dog in the place was a little pig! Wilbur (couldn't they have named him something else?) was trotting along on his leash, begging for pets from everyone he saw. I sat on the floor and petted his little bristly self, all the while quizzing his parents about the care of pigs. Most people have long-range retirement plans ... my long range plans include adding a pig to the household ... one day.

    It sounds as if you are healing and feeling a bit better each day. How wonderful to have so much help tag-teaming at the ranch!

  2. who knew having a pig could be so much work or fun... Ethel is a winner..

  3. Ethel! Excellent leg extension! Do you Zumba??

  4. I hope her highness left a good tip eh! ;p

  5. Hooray! I know Wynonna is beyond thrilled. My neighbor PBP loves getting new bedding to "nest" in.

  6. You take such good care of your animals. She should be find in there for a while. Love the color of her palace. lol

    Take care and maybe give Ethyl a hug or two or some chocolate for all her fine work.


  7. So wonderful that her majesty has been taken care of by Ethel.

    Funny story, great pics.

  8. I was amazed at Ethel's long leg - hope the other one is a match!!! Good job, Ethel. Wynonna may not say much, but I'm sure she appreciates her clean, fresh bedding. For some reason it reminds me of the changing of hamster bedding - my daughter's were housed in an old aquarium with a screen on top and once a week she moved them someplace else while she emptied, cleaned, and added fresh shavings.

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. the only thing missing would be the sound of Wynonna leaving and coming back! Fun

  10. Love this post! Yeah Ethel!

    Sydney from NE Oklahoma

  11. I always liked providing the Ossabaw hogs with new bedding. They preferred to distribute the straw themselves. They were the best interior decorators often taking bites of straw and placing it exactly where they wanted it.

  12. Wynonna steals my heart. She surely does.

    Everyone loves a freshly made bed.