Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ethel and Johnny stack the firewood

The night before Ethel arrived, the firewood delivery couple dropped off two cords of split wood.
I would have been content to leave it in a great big pile, but Ethel offered to stack it.

"I'll do a little bit every day," she said, "then it won't seem like such a big job."

Johnny: She's delusional.

Let's see ... "a little bit" times eight more days ...

Johnny: Maybe you should ask her to stay an extra week.

Me: Maybe you should stop supervising and start helping.


  1. Lets just call this the 7MSN workout eh ;p

  2. What?? That hay man helped stacked the hay right in the barn. He must not be related to wood boy.

    Great good Ethel!

  3. Johnny is watching out for snakes and packrats.
    Ethel is a rockstar if she gets all that wood stacked!

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all your great friends jump in like this, especially with the really scary or horrible stuff. I'm sure it's all not been great, fun days for you, but you sure have been able to have some fun with it. Good medicine!

  5. Ethel is a rock star even if she doesn't get it all stacked, but I think, with Johnny's help, it is doable.

  6. Nothing like a good farm holiday! Better than the gym anyday! :-}}

  7. with Johnny's company and that sun I would not consider this as a chore! plus the exercice makes wonderful arm's muscles!

  8. How is your Belly Wound, Girl? We haven't heard much about that lately.

    Glad Johnny is watching out for creepy crawlies!



  9. I see lots of small logs & split wood. I think JC should stack the small logs & Ethel the split wood. They could have a race & get prizes for 1st done. Most original stack design. The options are endless.

  10. WOW....what a great bunch of ranchsitters and helpers.....I wish I had a friends like that...It could take longer than Ethel thinks to stack that wood...LOL
    I hope you are doing much better and are healing the right way...
    Love from NC

  11. I so relate! Mine has been in my driveway for weeks as it keeps on raining. You go girl! It can done--signed, short middle aged Maine gal

  12. WOW~ You sure have some ambitious helpers! Glad Johnny joined in the fun!

  13. Some people just can't stand sitting around doing nothing. They have to be busy and productive all the time. I admire their energy and tenacity.

    ...I'm not one of them.

    Johnny, come on over here. I have a nice warm lap you can curl up on. *grin*