Monday, September 30, 2013

Wynonna's great escape

It was around 6 o'clock Saturday evening. 
Ranchsitter #5 looked out the office window and asked me, "Is Wynonna allowed in the corral?"
"Wynonna's in the corral??" I ran to the window to see for myself.
Sure enough, there was Wynonna in the corral, walking around by the stock tank.
Luckily, there was not an equine in sight. We both scurried outside to herd her back to her stall.

Joey gave Wynonna a stern lecture about the dangers of running away from home,

which went in one ear and out the other. Wynonna's only concern was 
where she could get a pretty pink pedicure just like Joey's.

Wynonna refused to take accountability for her actions,
claiming she was simply taking advantage of the opportunity presented by an unlatched gate.

Wynonna: You were late with my post-dinner treats, and I got bored waiting.
A girl needs a little adventure now and then.

Interestingly, while off on her adventure, Wynonna left a message for Lucy and the boys 
right in front of their stock tank – a pile of pig poop! She's more opinionated than I thought.

Wynonna: I'll take those treats now.


  1. Gotta love that pig face.

    Best always,

  2. I'm glad nothing bad happened. What might Lucy and the boys have done, had they found Wynonna in their territory?


  3. A girl does need a little adventure once in a while and Wynonna is just the gal to find it. Like that she left her "calling card" for the rest of the gang, sort of like a "Wynonna was here" message. She's a character.

  4. I am glad the princess is safely back in her palace ;p

  5. Do you have to trim her hooves on your sweet little pig?

  6. her face makes me happy just looking at it..

  7. The Princess knows how to make the most of opportunity :)

  8. So that's where the phrase "pig headed" comes from. There are members of the Cuckoos that resemble that remark.....and they also demand food.
    Glad you were able to save Wynonna from her predicament before the long ears found out she was trespassing. Happy MOnday

  9. well, I would have done the same, adventurng in forbidden territory! how exciting. The Princes was just thirsty! she could do with a nice pink red pedicure on her long nails.

  10. One of the pigs I fostered had a love affair with one of the horses and was always in the pasture with his "best friend" - fortunately the horse was very tolerant of him and watched where she put her hooves. Another used to follow me around the barn when I mucked out stalls and leave just three or four piggy poops in the corner of each freshly cleaned horse or donkey stalls!

    As for the pink pedicure, Wynonna, be careful what you wish for! I know some ranch women who just might decide that is a good way to pass some time and good fodder for a blog! :)

  11. She really is the cutest pig ever !!! Love her tail.

  12. Wynonna on a walk-about! I get this...every now and again a girl has got to take in some new sights!

    So glad Joey finally got her ranch pedicure!

  13. At least Wynonna didn't fling the poop at you and Joey for rounding her up, like a monkey might have! Never a dull moment on 7msn, even when you're recovering from surgery!

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. How can Joey scold a pig without laughing?

  15. That Wynonna ... she's a hoot! Hope y'all accomodated her and gave her the treats she was after, or she just might get another wild hair.


  16. Oh that piggy is to die for!!!!
    She's so uniquely beautiful !!
    Rain :(