Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Retaliation

Alan doesn't appreciate appearing on the blog with rabbit ears.

He retaliates with a right jab to George's jaw...

...but he misses. We all agree that the whole episode is pretty comical.



  1. so nice to see them happy and rolling in dust bath! thiis yelowish green in contrast with their own brown/grey colours is quite pretty

  2. They're just happy you're home. Us too.

  3. i like the picture ROTFLMAO my I borrow it it"s so damn funny I am ROTFLMAO LOL.

  4. How much do you pay those actors?
    Actors Guild of Canada

  5. Rollin,rollin ,rollin, keep those donkeys rollin, ~ Rawhide .
    Um if you don't know the song this comment will just be odd. lol

  6. Carol in N. Colorado9/7/13, 11:10 AM

    I love that Hank and Lucy are grazing in the background without a clue as to the show going on in the foreground. LOL The Two Stooges!

  7. this would bring a smile to anyone's face! i don't know how you do it, with the pictures and such appropriate captions, other than you are very clever yourself. almost like your "kids" do these amusing actions just for you to capture. wonderous. brilliant. thank you and them. hope you are doing well!!!

  8. Hilarious! That is the *original* ROTFLMAO. :-) What's truly amazing is that you happened to have a camera to capture this moment. Hope you are feeling great, but not overdoing it!

    Susan and Wrigs

  9. Loved this. Especially the last pic and quote.

    Glad to know you are finally home.

    With all you are going through I love that you still keep the rest of us in stitches with your hilariousness....Don't even know if that was a word, if not it is now.

  10. So glad to see they are still managing in spite of your scare under the knife....! And so goes the ranch.....