Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Bang the drum loudly

George: She's hiding something under here. I'm certain of it.

I will paw at this object over and over and over and over and over,
making an obnoxious racket...

until she comes out of the house to scold me and/or take pictures.

I will then strike a pose. She will realize the interruption was worth it, and she will reward me.


  1. drummer extraordinaire.. love it, but would no love the noise.

  2. Hopefully the noise doesn't wake up Wynonna.

  3. I do believe that is exactly what he is thinking. You have the gift, donkey whisperer. BTW, my boys do similar, i just assumed they were musically gifted. I stand corrected. I should have known it was all for the treat!!!

  4. Northern AB gal9/21/13, 12:55 PM

    Have you ever thought about shaping their behavior using clicker training? Since they are so food motivated I bet you could get lots of behaviors out of them.
    BTW, so glad you are back home again and hopefully on the mend. Take it easy!

  5. well he stole the show again!

  6. How funny, and I can see he has you trained.

  7. A-DoR-A-BLE! Give him treats!