Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good things come in tall packages

Ranchsitter #4 went into town yesterday to pick up Ranchsitter #5 and do a few errands for me.

Good thing the list of errands wasn't any longer. The truck was overflowing by the time they got back to the ranch.

Meet Ranchsitter #5 – Joey, who came all the way from Alaska! Joey and her husband, Brownie, 
were my neighbors in Alexandria, Virginia, a lifetime ago. We haven't seen each other in 15 years, 
but this is a friendship that has stood the test of time.

Joey wasn't the only gift stuffed into the back of the truck.
There was also this box from the UPS man. What could be inside?

It took awhile to figure it out.

Isn't he handsome?

I had to make sure I could wrangle him, though, just in case he ever gets out of control.

Thank you, Anne! I couldn't love him more, and he will have a place of honor in the sunroom.


  1. now that is a snake i could love.. and you look fantastic. God bless your ranch sitters. you are blessed

  2. Hey, I was close on my guess of a snake condo! Cute.

  3. What great ranch sitters you have, coming from such distances to help you out! That's awesome!

    Carson, you look fantastic!

    Great gift too! Wondering what Smooch thinks of it .....

  4. I have never ever seen so many photos of you in one blog!!!!

    Great new addition by the way.

  5. All the way from Alaska. Welcome Joey. Sure hope you only have to wrestle a snake has a place in the sun room. Glad to see a smile on your face, Carson. Stay well and have a great week together.
    Best always,

  6. Changing of the guard once again! So glad you get to reconnect with Joey.
    Love the snake!

  7. HAHAHAHA!!! That is my kind of snake!!
    Hello ranch sitter #5 :-)

  8. Can't wait to see the snake! And you too Joey!
    Great photos Danni!
    Carse, you look so healthy! Yay!!

  9. How cool! Now that is one snake I could handle. Aren't reunions wonderful! I hope you have a great time catching up!

  10. Carol in N. Colorado9/25/13, 7:50 AM

    Welcome Joey. I bet you two will have a grand time this week. The snake will be perfect for the sunroom and if you get bored during the winter, you can practice your snake wrangling skills. Linda, you look like you are feeling so much better and that smile-om!

  11. Hope you didn't fire Danni. She was a gem. Joey will likely keep you laughing also.

  12. that snake is handsome. Hope he'll protect your ranch and critters. what would be its name?

  13. Wow, you're gathering quite the collection of Ranchsitters there. *grin* I wonder what adventures will be in store for Joey. Something memorable, I'm sure.

    Mystery solved on the long, skinny box. Love the snake.

    Have fun you guys - go easy on the wine. *wink*

  14. Wonderful post! It's heart warming to see your friends coming from all over the country to help you. You are loved! And wonderful to see you looking so well. The snake is gorgeous and will be perfect in the sunroom. A lot of good has come out of a difficult and unfortunate experience . . . Enjoy your dear friend. Becky

  15. Carson, you need to line up a permanent chain of ranch sitters. That way we might get to enjoy that beautiful smile of yours more often. Welcome Joey.

  16. Carson, you look really good! Enjoy your new pet snake and have fun with Ranchsitter #5 and tell Ranchsitter #4 I miss her blog!

  17. You look really good and much healthier!

  18. How cool is it being able to see your smiling face in all these photos? And what a happy reunion week you and Joey will have together. It is always such fun to catch up with old friends.
    The snake is too wonderful. Perfection....maybe it will work to ward off snakes as well. We can be hopeful.

  19. Welcome Joey! And welcome to the new snake - now that is one I could live with!
    Good to see you looking so well, Linda. I hope you are healing as rapidly on the inside as your smile suggests - though we are sure going to miss meeting new ranchsitters every week once you no longer need them!

  20. Welcome, Joey!! Carson, my first thought was that inside the box was a new snake pole - I LOL'd when I saw the snake! What does Smooch think of it? It is the prettiest snake I ever saw!

    Hugs to you,
    Nancy in Iowa

  21. My kind of snake. Maybe will serve as a warning to others to just keep on trucking, got this one to myself.

    True friends are not lost by mere distance. Hurray, enjoy your visit with Joey.

    And I agree with everybody else. Looking so much better, color and all that. Hospital equipment is not a good accessory for any of us.

  22. I am so jealous of your exciting life right now! You have a revolving door with the best darn ranch sitters ever! Work, play, and most of all they get hang with those amazing critters of yours and with you too!
    Enjoy catching up with your new ranch hands!
    Deb in Viola

    PS: I too was wondering what smooch thinks of the new addition in sunroom?

  23. Cool! It's the only kind of snake I like besides a dead one. I've always been scared of snakes.

  24. I am in awe at the gifts of love and caring you are receiving from your family and friends...and not one BIT surprised

    Should you have a snake naming contest? He's MY kind of guy !!

  25. He must have been a, "Snake on a plane!!!" :) He is lovely. Love his bright colours and loved the pics of you! Hi Joey, you live in a place I would like to at least visit one day; the direct opposite to my hot, dry home in Oz!

  26. Let me join everyone else in telling you how great you look, slimmer, happy, with that gorgeous smile on.

    The snake is lovely and I bet Smooch will just love him/her/it.

    I am dazzled by anyone who can come up with 5 Ranchsitters, you are really special!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  27. Oh I do hope there is a snake naming contest!

  28. cool! you have the gift of turning bad times into good times, RESPECT!!!