Sunday, August 18, 2013

The chickens don't eat Johnny and vice versa

Johnny: I hope she doesn't see me. 

Johnny: I've heard rumors about her dietary preferences.

Johnny: I don't like the way they're looking at me. I think I'll walk over here and hide behind you.

Life was much simpler when Johnny hid in the feed room and slept all day.

But it's much more interesting now.

Alan: Damned cat walks around like he owns the place.
Johnny: And your point is?


  1. i like seeing cat and pig and cat and chicken and cat and donkey... makes me smile and your yard is gorgeous... do you ever take macro of all that beautiful STUFF in your yard? i would snap myself crazy with all that vegetation

  2. good sign, he is coming closer to you. I hope he/you find a place and a way to accomodate him insidde the house so he won't be the most exposed critter to danger on your ranch. I also think he is missing company, good company, not only mice talk.

  3. Oh, I just love Johnny! And, the chickens...and Smooch...and ALL your animals!

  4. When I was just a kid, I had a long, skinny cat like Johnny and would often wear him around my neck like a scarf. He didn't seem to mind it, but if he got too hot, he would get down and go home from wherever our playing took us. My Dad named him from a movie of the day The Long Grey Line.


  5. Good for Johnny, and good for you. Your yard looks gorgeous. Amazing what a little rainfall will do.

  6. Watching different species move around each other is an awful lot of fun, isn't it?
    Johnny is so handsome!

  7. He is sure gorgeous, like a striped cougar

  8. yes, I agree with Carine.
    I think he needs some feline company.

  9. Hobbes stalks the chickens about once every six months at my house. He'll jump out from behind a bush to get one and is quickly reminded that they are just small dinosaurs.
    Johnny is a such a handsome boy and I'm glad he's out learning his way around the ranch.

  10. First tree climbing, now tempting the chicken gang. Johnny is one brave, bold kitty.