Wednesday, July 10, 2013

While I was gone

While I was gone, not one drop of rain fell on the ranch, which was probably a good thing. The ranchsitter
had enough to do without having to dig trenches. However, we had a major downpour the night before I left,
and when I got home five days later, the pasture was noticably greener. 

A faint green haze atop the dirt probably doesn't seem like much to celebrate for you folks who live
someplace other than New Mexico, but if I had a bottle of champagne handy, I'd be popping it open.

Finally, there's something to eat besides dirt...

...and something to do besides play with fly masks.

The baby cholla cactus are sprouting, which is unfortunate.

The chamisa are finally blooming, so the tarantula hawk wasps are out in full force...

...not that Wynonna seems to care.

And the vine that thrives on neglect and no water exploded while I was away.

I sense a smidgen of hope that we all won't dry up and blow away.


  1. How nice to come back to green grass and flowers. Mother Nature strikes again. Surely those wasps know the difference between a spider and a pig.

  2. So glad it rained! Looks pretty except for those evil things.
    Isn't is great to be at home with your animals? Gretta was singing and talking to me, never seen her dance so much!

  3. I'm with you! I live in southern AZ, and we just got our first 1/4" of rain last night :) The cholla cactus look a little fatter!

  4. What a great welcome home!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. It always amazed me just how fast the desert responds to a little moisture. I am very glad that you finally got a little.

  6. Welcome home! Have the animals forgiven you?

  7. It seems like spring arrived! I'm jealous. Here in central Arizona, we only got a good light show but no rain.

  8. So, can I finally stop doing that rain dance?
    The green sure looks good on the red dirt, and the last picture is just SO cool!

  9. Hey ... I noticed 'June' at the top of your banner tonight. Is 'she' back?