Monday, July 1, 2013

Popping up for air

I'm at T minus three days until I leave on my five-day vacation. You would think I was going away for five months 
for as much as there is to do around here to prepare. Vacations are supposed to be a time to get away and relax. 
But I'm relaxed all the time right here at home. I don't need a vacation! Vacations make me stress. 

Didn't I say after my last vacation that I was never leaving home again? Why didn't you remind me?  
I was looking forward to it 128 days ago, in February, when it was snowing and I was freezing. Now?
Not so much. My attitude will probably change as soon as I have my first margarita in old Mexico. Let's hope so.
Meanwhile, excuse me while I go post more post-its for the ranchsitter.


  1. i had wondered why you needed a vacation when you live a daily one, but now i know.. love the chick

  2. Enjoy your holiday, Carson. Sit by the pool and stick your feet in the water or maybe there will be the ocean there too. Looking forward to pics.

    Best always,

  3. It does seem like the stress before leaving on a vacation takes away from the fun that is yet to come, IMO anyway. Don't worry, you'll have a great time though. Margaritas always help! Are you going to tell us your destination?

  4. If I drank a margarita, I'd be done for 2 days. But, since I can't drink one and love them, perhaps you could drink one for me. Have fun.

  5. Preparation can be a bear, but its worth it for peace of mind.

    And look at it this way, a change of scenery will allow you to appreciate home even more after you return ;)

    M in NC
    ... at least that's what I tell myself!

  6. Oh, I SO hear you, sister! Even down to the post-its! You WILL have a wonderful time, but coming home will be the best part.

  7. I stressed out because someone had to feed my dogs for one day. I left that morning and I was home late that night. I don't know how you do it.

  8. I am a retired person, so life is one big vacation, except for lawn mowing and chores of the day, of which there seem to be many. I may just get a pedicure like you did, and that could be sort of a vacation. Not sure about the blue polish though.

    Happy Vacation to you!


  9. BEACH vacation, lovely water to gaze upon, get wet in, burn into your mind's eye so that you can escape the drought dry heat with mini mental vacations back home.

    You and Smooch, captains of the sunroom vista, complete with imagination inspired deep and cooling water :)

  10. With this heat wave, it will probably be cooler where you are headed! HAHA!
    Enjoy! Rub some "turtle" lotion on for good measure...

    Not sure if they still have it there, (I was there back in 1973) and not sure why they called it that either, but loved the stuff, and has a wonderful scent to it too.

  11. Carson, we are birds of a feather (HA!) You have way more fury responsibilities than I do, otoh, you may worry less about your ranchsitter following instructions than I do with the DH when I travel to conferences ;-) I find packing for those the worst (clearly I don't dress up enough and let's not even talk about clothes shrinking) but I don't think you'll have to worry about dressing up. I DO drink margaritas, so do please have one for me!!!

  12. Do you ever get to take spur of moment weekend trips? What if there's an emergency and you have to leave right away, who would take care of your animals without all the instructions & thoroughness?

    Maybe you can make a binder with instructions and keep it handy, just to hand off to someone if you have to leave.

    I'm a teacher and that's what I do, in case Im ever sick and have to call a substitute! :)

  13. I have no doubt you'll enjoy your vacation. Your critters will probably enjoy the novelty of someone else being there and be so glad to see you back. Can't wait to see what souvenirs you bring back.
    Hi, Minnie!

  14. maybe take vacations in the winter rather? hope the ranchsitter will keep on posting cause your blog makes my day

  15. Traveling in our 'home' makes life a bit easier.. but I still leave my share of post-its!
    Good luck. Enjoy that first cool drink!

  16. Isn't it funny how our mood can change when the event we've been waiting so long for is suddenly at hand? It is a heckuva lotta work to prepare a farm/ranch for being away - I so know this to be true. But I also think that once you're on your way, you are going to have a great time...and come back with a ton of interesting/hilarious/amazing stories to tell!
    (Hi to Denise!!)

  17. Awesome shot! I've only been to the Baja Peninsula, but I love it there. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time, enjoying the beach and the surf!