Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Green is the new brown

I took these pictures on a recent rainy afternoon. 
There have been so many lately that they're starting to run together. 
Please don't mistake that sentence for a complaint – far from it.
My hay will remain uncut until there is a break in the monsoons, but I'm ok with that.
There is enough pasture grass now to sustain us until late fall, 
and I'm no longer stressing about where the next meal will come from.
We're all in disbelief over the dramatic change in scenery.
Green is the new brown.

And a puddle of fresh rainwater to sip from? Who could have imagined that a few weeks ago?

 Me: Alan, when the next storm moves through, maybe you should think about taking a shower.

 Alan: I think not. I like this look. Keeps the flies off.

Me: You're absolutely right, and shame on me for trying to change you. 
We all love you just the way you are.


  1. George and Alan have such perfect hooves. Shorty and the desert are a good combination.

  2. so glad that green is the new brown. I'm getting kinda spoiled not having to water the garden as much lately.
    And Alan has a good start on his mud pie look. I bet all of your crew are enjoying the respite from the dry.
    Oma Linda

  3. Mud looks good on Alan. Skies look like more rain. He might get that shower.

  4. Beautiful color wheel. That Storm Cloud Blue adds a nice touch.

  5. The green is pretty wonderful to see.We had drought last year, but abundant hay and grass this year. Visited a small horse farm on Saturday. Owner was ecstatic and the eight or more horses enjoying the twenty acre pasture in the back looked pretty happy too. Except for the flies. She has given up on fly masks. They are like Alan with them.

  6. I'm glad you are finally getting some green out there and you hay crops are OK. We've had so much rain here that there is going to be a major hay shortage because no one can get the hay in. We were really lucky to get ours in especially as we had another 3 inches of rain last night, I had to drive home from work on flooded roads again.

  7. It's so lush there! What a wonderfully unexpected treat for everyone.

  8. Regarding burro hooves (what Bow Street Flowers said) the angles look so different than horses' hooves. Maybe next time Shorty (the farrier) is there we can get some pictorial insight on the differences. Assuming you can take pictures at the same time as you are holding them for the farrier. But you seem pretty agile in that way. :)

  9. You have caught an amazing light in these pictures (not mentonning the cuteness of Alan of course!)

  10. I can't believe it's so green!!!