Friday, June 7, 2013

Wynonna's little oasis

Wynonna has a new favorite spot to nap. It is the greenest, shadiest and prettiest patch of ground on the ranch.

It happens to be right where all the rain drains through the culvert that Ethel helped me build back in the fall of 2010.

Precious little water has flowed through the culvert since we built it, but desert flora is nothing if not opportunistic. 
Most of these bushes are some sort of sage, with a few yucca, chamisa, and Mexican feather grass in there as well. 
Listen to me sound like I know what I'm talking about... Thanks to everyone who identified my mystery grass 
the other day. Now that you've told me I'm growing Mexican feather grass, I sort of remember planting two tiny pots of it 
the first spring I lived here, one on each side of the house. Great stuff! It has spread wherever the rain runs off the roof.

I'm standing right about where Wynonna is sleeping in the current pictures. 

Won't she be surprised if we get a sudden downpour! 

That's not in the forecast however.

We can only dream about better days ahead, when it rains again and a river runs through the front yard.

I've just realized this is the third whining-about-the-drought post I've written in the past 7 days. 
That stinks. We'll try to get back on track next week.


  1. Well, here in drippy Connecticut, we are having a soaking rain that will be followed by two more bouts of it. The mosquitoes will have a ball rearranging the furniture while we sleep--covered in WELTS!!!!

    There are bonuses to dry weather...

  2. Linda, I wish I could send some of the wet stuff your way -- we're getting more than our share in NC w/ TS Andrea!

    Wynonna is quite the princess pig, isn't she? :)


  3. I've almost reached the conclusion that, on the entire planet, there are perhaps four square miles where the weather is perfect for human existence.
    None of us live there.

  4. Sometimes you have to whine to get it out of your system ... we don't mind.

    Wynonna looks very peaceful in her spot.

  5. Wynonna is one smart cookie. And,of course, she knows all the best spots to sunbathe and show off her perfect porcine figure. She really could use a big straw hat and some shades though.

    Wish I could send you some rain from here. It's not going to stop for days. Have you tried a " rain dance" ? It might help...

  6. Wynonna will be happier than a pig in mud if it rains a little bit - piggies LOVE mud wallows! Of course, if it rains a lot (and gawd knows you need it), she might need a piggy princess-sized life jacket.

  7. Don't worry, you're entitled to whine about the drought. I remember a time in the Northeast about 40 years ago when it was so bad restaurants would not serve water...and one time in Georgia when water had to be brought in from other states. 2 years ago when the Missouri River flooded around here, we would have gladly sent you some water.

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Your yard looks lovely. look at all the shades of green and yellow (tan?) really very pretty....and wynonna just adds to the beauty.

  9. Wynonna must be dreaming of a little mud. It's amazing how green it is with no rain for so long. We had a storm Wednesday night with hard rain. I agree with Barb about the mosquitoes. It takes them about eight seconds to find you when you go outside.

  10. If I could send you some of the rain I have gotten in our yard here in High Point, NC over the past 4 days, I certainly would send it right out.
    But, I can't get it to move out with this tropical thing off the coast...
    Love from NC

  11. Maybe Ms. Wynonna is a prognosticator. At least we can be hopeful.
    Joe and I went adventuring yesterday down on Rt 47 hoping to find some old wooden windows that wanted to come home with me from a new junque or salvage place. The skies down your way looked promising around 3 after our A&W run in Belen. But watching the news I moisture indicated your way. It rained all around us up in Burque, but not in my neighborhood.
    We need some major rain dancing going on.
    Ms. W's nap area looks really good the grass.
    Oma Linda

  12. here we had 3 days of sun in the last 3 months and now pouring rain! wish I could exchange with you. Would you try to create rain-catchers that you could hang around outside your house, like dream-catchers