Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer solstice sunset

How does one properly celebrate the summer solstice? I had no idea and didn't bother to google it, 
so I did what came naturally, which was to hang out with the herd on the longest day of the year,
enjoying every last minute of daylight.

Of course I had my camera with me, and I couldn't not take a picture of these misbegotten yucca. 
Never in all my years in New Mexico had I seen a yucca with a curly, crooked stalk. 
They're supposed to stick straight up in the air. I can only assume these are victims of the drought. 
The longer I looked at them, the more I thought they were trying to spell something. 

N...C...? I can't break the code. I'll go back out in a day or two to see if another letter has been added.

Smooch and Alan were captivated by the setting sun.

Me, too.

But then it finally started to get dark...

 and Smooch and I headed for the house.

I love taking silhouettes. Could you tell?


  1. The letters looked more like N F to me. Never forget...

  2. love the silhouettes and you have so much beauty to have behind it...

  3. Those are very strange yucca! I would have thought that the Herd would have eaten the blossoms but I see the dried seed pods. Here, the cows consider them a delicacy.
    Your sunsets are really wonderful and I love the silhouettes.

  4. The photo of the sky is stunning!!! I have not seen the night sky in weeks it seems because it rains every night here in Alberta (no, I am not boasting) I so wish I could send you some.

  5. Wow what light!

    Best always,

  6. Oh my, that sunset photo is gorgeous!!

  7. Good post. Loved the silhouettes!

  8. Ahhh, introspective :)

  9. I think that just may be the most amazing sunset photo I have ever seen.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. what a nice brown does Alan have in a the sunset! you live in a picturesque area

  11. Fantastic photos - and was that a shot of the supermoon?!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  12. N.C. = Non Crece = "Not Growing" in Spanish. :-)

    Love the photos - hope you get some rain soon!

  13. ...N C...No Contest, this is the greatest place on earth!

  14. Oh my goodness! That sunset is beyond fantastic and the moon is super. The sunroom looks so inviting all lit up. I'd say you spent the day in the best way. The yucca is definitely trying to tell you something and Smooch's silhouettes are calendar worthy.

  15. I think NC = need coffee. Oh wait, that's me. Never mind.