Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Will make funny faces for watermelon

Hank, Lucy, George and Alan love watermelon more than anything else on earth. 
They will do anything to get a taste of their favorite treat, including, but not limited to, making outrageously funny faces.

While usually well-mannered when it comes to taking treats, all bets are off when watermelon is involved. 
Everybody gets confined to a stall so as not to ambush the waitress.

Hank will stretch his neck out as far as it will go and get all bug-eyed in his attempt to get a mouthful of melon. 

I will let Ethel demonstrate what I mean in the picture below:

Having everyone in their own stall also makes it easier for the server to ensure that the watermelon is dispensed equally. 

God forbid someone gets one more piece than the other.

However, certain individuals will always try to beat the system.

Each animal has a unique method for chewing and savoring their slice of heaven, 
though all of them involve drooling.

Roll your mouse over the picture below to watch George's anticipatory maneuvers:

You'd think after all this practice, they'd figure out how to keep their mouths closed
so that all that good stuff wouldn't be wasted.

Alan: I'll just stand here patiently and wait my turn. 
He who is the cutest and most patient gets the biggest piece.

Alan: Thank you, Aunt Ethel. Please come back soon.

Hank: I'll be your best friend if you let me lick the bag.


  1. I just finished reading bad news in the news......thx I need this!!!!!!!!!

  2. so much fun here, and i love the roll over tongue shot.. great fun. and since you said it, now i can tell you but don't tell the others, Alan is my favorite, his face is so beautiful... shhhhh

  3. Aunt Ethel loved every minute of this! It was the funniest ever...I guess my faces, too :-)
    It makes you wish you had endless pieces to give them!

  4. they all have a sweet tooth!

  5. I'm glad Hank got to lick the bag. His face was the most convincing. They make it look so good.

  6. I'll make funny faces for watermelon too! Save me a piece.

  7. I'd have to give Alan the biggest piece.

  8. Hank is a favorite of mine........he is such a kind and gentle, handsome soul + is also full of mischief, yet he simply tolerates the antics that go on all around him.......Hugs to you, Hank !