Friday, June 21, 2013

Catch and release

It was Wednesday evening, just after 8:00. I'd been waiting for the temperature to cool down 
so that I could do an important errand. I buckled up Smooch in the Ranger and off we went on our mission.

Smooch: Where are we going?

Me: You'll see. 

I hated it when my parents said that to me when we went out for a drive, and here I am doing the same damn thing. Shame on me.

Smooch: Are we going for ice cream? Please tell me we're going for ice cream. I love ice cream.

Sadly for Smooch, our errand did not involve ice cream. We were on our way to release a very large bull snake
who had taken up residence in the back yard. After three failed attempts in the past week, 
I'd finally lassoed him. He'd been in the snake box since lunchtime and was anxious to get out.

Smooch: Are we there yet?

Me: Almost. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. 

We drove a few miles away from the ranch to release this guy. I didn't want him coming back.
I'm sure he was helping Johnny CashCat keep the rodent population down, but he was also becoming a nuisance. 
Besides, the ranchsitter will be here in a few weeks, and I didn't want a snake on the welcoming committee.

He looks so small all coiled up in the corner. You'll get a better idea of how big he is
once I kick over the snake box and he slithers out.

Me: Come on, snake. Start slithering. I don't have all night.

Follow Smooch's gaze and you'll see the snake as he finally moseys on down the road.

We waited for him to get safely across...not like there's any traffic to worry about, but still....

He climbed up the other side of the bank and went on his merry way.

Smooch never took her eyes off him until he was gone for good.

I took one more picture and called it a night. 
We never stopped for ice cream, but Smooch got to share a cup of yogurt with me when we got home.
This is what passes for summertime fun in the middle of nowhere ... and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. the scenery is just wonderful... and the last shot of Smooch is fantastic. that is a good sized snake, glad you drove him away and did not kill him. i know he was happy and so will your sitter be happy

  2. One of my favorite things about you, Carson, is that you catch and release snakes. I am such an advocate for the snakes and it makes me very sad when people kill them simply because they are afraid of them. There's a metaphor in there somewhere, huh?

  3. I'm with Smooch...I would rather go out and get ice cream, too!

    You are an amazing and brave woman Linda. Good job. :)

  4. Smooch = Awesome! Good girl!

  5. What a way to end the day! Nowhere is a very good place to be. I rescue snakes too. I can't believe how many people want to run over them!

  6. EEEEkkkkkkkk!!!! My kind of a fund evening, car ride and then a treat MINUS the serpent ;p

  7. I'm glad you show us a serpent once in awhile because chez moi it's too congested for snakes to survive. I've thought about getting a rubber one and put it on top of my car to scare off the seagulls. They might just quit using it as a loo.

    Best always,

  8. Holy Shit! That was a big one! I would be screaming on top of the ranger while he followed us home( u know they do!)

  9. Have you ever watched Disney's Ferdinand the Bull? THen you will know the music/short tune that entered my mind when looking at the last photo of Smooch in this blog post. At the very end when Ferdinand is back under his tree and won't have to go back to fight ever again? Could have been composed for you and Smooch. I think. I've told you before, I just love your blog. Hot summer greetings from Kalymnos in the Aegean Sea.

  10. Nothing much better than a ride in the middle of nowhere, just a girl and her dog. thanks for bringing us along with you.

  11. You can make a snake release a beautiful story. Smooch is such a good girl too. Patiently waiting for the end of the job.

  12. I'm with Anne Boleyn, glad you catch and release. Snakes are cool and I've picked up quite a few over the years.

    Nancy in Iowa

  13. In my Tucson home, I love having bull snakes around the house as they will kill and eat rattlesnakes. One did startle me once coming home from grocery shopping and he was on the porch with my black cat sitting beside him appearing to contemplate if he was too big to kill. That black cat was a desert cat but not sure he knew how to tell the difference between the bull and rattlesnakes. I felt my heart in my throat until I saw the head shape wasn't triangular and no rattles. Then I scooped up the cat, went in the back door, came back with my camera. I think he was about 4'. The funny part is I never saw him again-- also though never saw rattlers there although others did who lived one small wash away.

  14. The scenery and the light are beautiful. The snake is pretty, too, all coiled up. Love Smooch's ice cream? face. Nothing like an evening ride with your best girl.
    Supermoon this weekend!

  15. That was a beautiful bull snake. Still waiting to see my first snake since moving to the desert.

  16. That's summertime fun after my own taste - and Smooch's tongue action there does have "ice cream" written all over it ;)
    The snake is very pretty! Long may he/she/it slither.

  17. Mr. Bullsnake is beautiful, and you are the coolest!

  18. Hmmmm...a little too much excitement for me. Did I hear you say "ranch sitter"? Does that mean you're going away again? Do tell!

  19. So glad you caught the snake and took it to a happier place! Congrats for your big heart. By the way, that Smooch is some looker in every photo!

  20. You both deserve a big container of premium ice cream as a reward for releasing the bull snake to hunt in new territory.
    I was impressed at the photo of your hand on the steering wheel of your Ranger...maybe a blog post about the work those hands do, from shoveling manure to preparing dinner to handling a camera to hauling hay. They are your best companions. (Just a thought).

  21. Had to chuckle at the substantial footwear! My choice combination exactly - low cut slip on boots and ankle socks! Thanks for making my day with such great posts!
    Wendy - 'The Meadow View Donkey Gal'

  22. Yeesh. You know, when I read the title, I *knew* that's what you were going to do, I think I've been following you for a long time ;-) Intellectually, I know you're right, otoh, I have a snake phobia and well, you know, I"m with Ethel.

    Btw, is that a 92qt Sterlite container I spy??? If it is, or not, OR if you didn't already know, the Sterlite 92qt container is the perfect size for about 4 flakes of hay, if you buy square bales. Just sayin' on the off chance you need to take a little hay here or there.