Friday, June 14, 2013

Another season of our discontent

Fly mask season began this week. There aren't that many flies buzzing about, which might be because it's so stinkin' dry, 
but the ones that are hanging around are big and mean and loud and vicious and and bothersome and obnoxious. 
I hate flies. Can you tell? Anyway, Lucy, Hank and George stand politely each morning while I put on their fly masks. 
Alan refuses to wear one, and I've given up arguing with him about it. 

Four days in to fly mask season, we've lost just one. George came home without his Monday night. It will turn up eventually, 
and I've got plenty of spares in the meantime. I know exactly how he loses them – Alan rips them off his head. 
It's one of their many brotherly games. So when I heard a ruckus and saw the dust flying behind the barn yesterday morning, 
I had a pretty good idea of what was going on before I went to investigate.

Me: Alan, must you?

Me: George, you're just as bad for standing there and letting him get away with it!

Alan: Nah nah nah nah nah! George got in trouble!

Me: I have better things to do than search for missing fly masks.

Me: Let this be a warning...stop ripping them off his head...or else!

I had no sooner taken a few steps back to the house...

...when it started all over again.

I've got to admire Alan's technique, though. He's got the velcro-ripping thing down to a science.

And he's so damned cute, it's impossible to stay mad at him.


  1. You buy the most imaginative donkey toys!

  2. Alan's dislike of the fly masks is so funny. Guess he likes direct eye contact with George. Love his grin.

  3. I think you need an extra long velcro that loops over George's head! ;)

  4. I have sheep that do that with anything velcro. Not that I'm saying you're a sheep, Alan. But you are just as cute.

  5. Do you think if you put it on inside out that would help? At least the velcro wouldn't be in tooth's reach.

  6. Have you investigated using Essential Oils as a fly repellent around the eyes?

  7. Alan is such a cutie patootie....and a stinker besides. Oma Linda

  8. how can one little burro be so darn cute yet so conniving. I'm convinced they're working in unison. George is counting on Alan to get him out of the mask. At least Hank and Lucy are protected. and i think Wyonna would look pretty cute too with one.

  9. Spray some apple bitter on the velcro. Maybe that would keep Alan off Georges fly mask. But then, you would not have a blog post either! :)

  10. Oh, I've never seen a close up of his eyes before. Beautiful!

  11. the never ending fly mask retrievals begin!

  12. Thanks for my daily smiles! Love that"nah nah nah" picture. That Alan.

  13. I'm sorry, Linda. I'm so ashamed! I grinned - hugely - the entire time I read this post!! Those 2 really are kids! I would love to meet them, especially Alan. Oh, well. Wish I could send you some of the rain we expect over the next 2 days.

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. Alan probably said "why do you let her put that on you? You look stupid!" Thanks for letting us comment again. Promise I won't spam you. Lol.

  15. Silly question, but have you tried a bug zapper for the flies? When I lived in the South Valley I was tormented my mosquitoes (I manage to move to the ONE place in NM where they hang out), and my life was transformed after I got one. Hard to believe you haven't already tried this, but I had to say it just in case you haven't.

    South Valley Gal
    (Google be damned!)

  16. what about putting Alan a "museliere", I dont know how you call this thing you put on dogs so they don't bite.

  17. Alan is bugged because he wants to see his brother's eyes!

    If you do anything further to make it stay on, Alan will probably take George down and sit on him until he chews it off. What a quandary!

    Jo in MN

  18. As we drove through NM last night with my first load of stuff to go to az, we got his by rain right about Santa Fe. I'm seriously hoping you got some of it finally. We had a hard time distinguishing smoke from dust. I didn't realize until this morning when I ran into a group of 20 fire fighters at our motel, that there are fires in NM too. Hopefully none are close to you.

    I did wave as we went by but I don't think you saw

  19. I made up some homemade fly repellent. I'm hoping it works. I also need to buy some new fly masks...sigh...