Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The unbearable cuteness of burros

It was 5:30 Tuesday morning. I had just let Smooch outside and was standing in my office brushing my teeth, 
looking out the window to make sure everybody was present and accounted for. I saw four long ears behind a bush. 
The ears were so close together that they appeared to be coming out of the same head. I wasn't sure what was going on, 
but the scene had "photo op" written all over it. I put down the toothbrush, grabbed the camera, and tiptoed into the corral.

George: Zzzzzzzzz.

George: Are you kidding me?

George: Sun's not even up and she's already taking pictures.

Alan: I haven't combed my hair yet. Neither have you, I might add. Nice outfit *snort*.

Alan: I'll get up now, but that coffee had better be ready.

Alan: You have no idea how heavy his head is.

George: Please don't move. I was just getting comfortable.

Wynonna: *grunt grunt grunt *
Alan: How can you sleep through that racket? The pig's not shutting up 'til she gets fed.

George: I hate it when you're right.

George: Five more minutes, then I'll get up.

How many times will George hit the snooze alarm? Find out tomorrow when we conclude our story.

Here's a blog you might want to check out in the meantime. 
Hannah and her donkey, Chico, have just embarked on a 1,000-mile, three-month walk around Wales.
It sounds like a fabulous adventure and one I could see myself doing if I could find a ranchsitter for that long.
Hannah writes, "I have no prior experience of donkeys, but I like walking.
It's only 1000 miles – how hard can it be?" Guess we'll find out!


  1. Soooo cute! Cheered me up and made my morning! Thank you.

  2. OMG OMG OMG that is all I could think of these photos. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen and i smiled all the way through... color me JEALOUS...I come to your post FIRST every single morning.. just to get my laugh awake for the day....

  3. I'm not sure if "AAaaawwwwww" is even the proper exclamation for the boys today. Do horses ever behave this way?

  4. This is beyond adorable! The first zzzzzz photo is priceless!

  5. Heart-meltingly adorable! Thank goodness they were slow to rise so you could capture it on stick!

  6. I couldn't believe my eyes! After watching these boys play and get into mischief for so long, here they are, George cuddled up to Alan! I love it!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. my boys are inseparable, glues at the neck...but i have never seen them sleep together like this. it is too adorable for words. seriously sweet. well captured!!!

  8. Oh my gawd. Those are adorable photos!

    And, Hannah. Yikes. I hope it's flat in Wales, for her sake. I guess she could always ride her donkey...?

  9. Thanks for the introduction to Hannah and Chico! I've been reading her blog since my last comment to you!

  10. I think that first picture is one of the cutest I have every seen....

  11. Dear, dear, dear. Cutest ever.

  12. So sweet, those two, we see the rambunctious side and the cuddly side... I would like an 8x 10 pleeze

  13. Ohhhh, Yes calendar worthy! Sweet boys.

  14. Too cute and too funny. I'm with George on the 5:30 wake up call. He looked so comfy. Going to check out Hannah and Chico.

  15. I love the face of Alan in the picture where George says: Five more minutes, then I'll get up. These two have a special bound

  16. sweetest photos of Alan and George thus far. Those burro boys are just adorable.
    Looks like the lady and Chico will have quite and adventure in and around Wales. I'm gonna get in touch with my English transplanted to Wales friend and let her know about this as well. What a fun adventure she has planned.
    Oma Linda

  17. Now that is a cup of cuteness..certainly cheered me up.

  18. Is it only me who thinks poor Chico is at risk? Somebody needs to have done a lot more homework before setting out on a trek with a poor young donkey that she hasn't even taken the time to get to know properly. Not good...... and I for one don't like it.

  19. Sweet pictures! And thank you for the mention! I hope I can change BumbleVee's mind - I've got lots of help from wise donkey people and have done HEAPS of homework! That's not to say it's not pretty scary though. We've had a month together pre-walk and are beginning to bond, but he is so happy walking. It feels kinder than keeping him bored in a paddock!