Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Pail Face

George: If you poop right now, mom won't have to scoop it up.

George: I don't know what you find so fascinating about that damned dog, Alan. 
Turn around and play with me. 

George: Mom, could you please put Smooch in the house? 
Even with a pail in my mouth, I can't compete with a dog digging a hole,
in Alan's feeble mind anyway.

George: What the hell's wrong with you?
You'd rather chase Smooch up and down the fence than play pail with me?

George: When I kick the bucket, you'll regret this day.

George: You and Lucy have turned your backs on me, Hank's asleep, Smooch has buried her head in the sand, 
even the swallows are flying away. I ask you, how can I be invisible with a pail on my face?
I should be the center of attention!

Me: George, you'll be the star of the blog on Saturday. Does that make you feel better?

George: Why, yes, it does.

George: My pail runneth over with the love of my true friends.


  1. lol you make me seriously consider getting a donkey....

  2. That looks like a nice pail, you're not gonna chew it all up, are you?

    What was Smooch after?

    Jo in MN

  3. if i had a place i would have a donkey for sure. and you are now the center of attention of half the blog world. I just love Donkey Speak

  4. have you ever tried putting card board boxes out for these guys? i just watched a video of tigers and big cats playing with boxes.

  5. I must have missed this the first time around! I love it - poor George. So neglected!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Oh, what a wonderful day to start my Saturday! Your posts keep me in stitches; the guys' (and gals .. can't forget Wynonna & Smooch) are priceless.

    Hope ALL of you (barn cats, too) have a great weekend!

    Maggy in NC

  7. I do see your corral is just like my donkey field...full of "educational" toys. balls, buckets, cones, you name it. i'm only embarrassed when it's pointed out how spoiled they are. well, they NEED the toys!!! like i'm gonna be in there entertaining them all day? i think not! my excuse and i'm sticking to it. loves me the longears.

  8. Poor George....just wants someone to play with. Looks like he knows the rules and is ready to go at it.