Tuesday, May 7, 2013

George and Alan tell a knock knock joke

George: Knock knock.
Johnny CashCat: Who's there?
George: A herd.

Johnny CashCat: A herd who?
Alan: A herd you were home so we came over.

Since Johnny and June won't leave the feed room to meet the herd, I let the herd in the feed room to meet them.

Johnny CashCat: Please tell me I don't have to share my litter box with them.

George: We know you're back there, June, and we'd love to meet you.
June: I vant to be alone.

Is it my imagination or is Johnny rolling his eyes at me?

Johnny: That burro just picked up a bale of hay with his teeth!
And she wonders why I'm afraid of him...

Lucy: I'll be your friend, Johnny. My jokes are much better.


  1. All the Junes seem to be in hiding...
    Johnny sure is a perfect Big Ginger Man Cat, isn't he!
    And yes: he is rolling his eyes at you. It might be because you have climbed up on the hay where he belongs.

  2. Poor Johnny Cash. It's a whole new world for him, and I wonder if June will ever come out of hiding? I about lost it over the sharing of the litter box! HA!

  3. Two words adorable and funny!

  4. "A herd you were home...." Haha! I bet you cracked yourself up with this one :-)

    Johnny looks like he is acclimating as he is comfortable enough to eat around everyone! Progress!!

  5. Oh how exciting...the donks meet the cat(s). Johnny is such a brave heart. I mean if I were his size and I met someone their size, I'd be whole lot more humble than he. But it looks like he will stand his ground and be a goodie in the territory department. Good for one and all.

  6. You must've been smashed up against the wall to get photos from that view. Johnny and June are bound to come around soon....or maybe not. Some cats are good mousers, others just like the easy life with food delivered every day.

  7. Johnny Cashcat is a pretty brave dude. And I concur, definitely rolling his eyes. The herd likes having the feed room door open, buffet city :)

  8. You said you wanted feral and in June you got it. Johnny is just smart.

  9. Have the Packrats left town yet? Do you see any packrat corpses laying about?

    Nice to see the Donks being such friendly guys!

    Jo in MN

  10. Yeah! Progress.. I predict riding lessons soon....this is fun!

  11. good start meeting. cats dont need to catch mice/packrats for them to go away, they just dont share the same ground, all of a question of odours and territory, so dont worry. Yes, Johnny is quietly telling that is food belongs to him. Is June eating? SHe seems to need more time to feel at home but it will come for sure. she may need more talkig (voice tlc)

  12. Cute pictures of George's curiosity and Johnny's indignity. If you could use a stall guard or somehow prop the door open, I bet they'd come out. I saw the eye roll.

  13. If i was at the ranch, i'd be trying full time to make feral June non-feral. Oh the challenge! Linda has better sense than that... Still. I used to work with dolphins. If you can "apprivoiser" a dolphin, surely there's hope for a sour, elusive blue eyed cat?

  14. Clever! JohnnyCashCat is quite a handsome boy! More about him in the future, I'm sure!

  15. JohnnyCashCat is sure a handsome fella. He does not appear to be afraid. Maybe he is waiting for JuneCat to get her courage up, and then they will explore together. Wonderful post.