Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why didn't somebody tell me it was National Varmint Week?

It was Tuesday afternoon around 3 o'clock. I was at my desk diligently working when I heard a series of very loud chirps 
coming from the back yard. I ignored them. Then I heard them again and went out to investigate. 
I didn't see any big bird talking to himself, so I went back to work. 
A few minutes later, the chirping starts again. I get up, look out the window, see nothing, go back to work.

Then I hear the sounds of furniture being arranged on the back porch. 
Then there's a stampede in the corral, with Hank leading the charge. Then the chirping gets real loud. 
I grabbed the camera and ran outside.

Whatever was chirping was under the bench, and Smooch was trying to go in for the kill. 
I stopped taking pictures, got between Smooch and the bench and managed to pick her up
and put her in the garage before there was any bloodshed.

Squirrel: I meant no harm.

Hank: You mean to tell me all that chirping came from one little squirrel?
Wynonna: Doesn't look so little to me. I think he's been dipping into Smooch's dog chow.

If Smooch ate like a normal dog and gobbled up her food when I put down her bowl,
we probably wouldn't have fat squirrels roaming around on the porch. But no. 
Smooch likes to nibble and graze all day long. Those equines are a bad influence.
Lesson learned: make Smooch eat in the house.

Anyway, the poor guy didn't know which way to run. The paparazzi was staring him down at his left, 
and he could hear Smooch whining and carrying on in the garage at his right.

Squirrel: I'll take my chances with the pig.


  1. you lead such and interesting and fun life... your own critters and wild critters, never a dull moment.

  2. He sure is plump. We have lots of squirrels here too and despite the fact the our winter is cold and hard they still manage to stay out and get peanuts from people who feed them. Our local squirrel residents are quite fat as well. Soon they will be digging in my planters burying their peanuts.

    Best always,

  3. Estella from Co.4/3/13, 6:32 AM

    Critters large and small, don't you just love them.... Have a good day.

  4. had NO idea squirrels lived in the desert !!! Jeanne in SC

  5. Oh, the last caption made be burst out laughing!

  6. Maybe you could ask the squirrel to act as bouncer for the pack rat family.

  7. Well, now you know what a squirrel in distress sounds like. :)
    Maybe he's in cahoots with the pack rats. He's tall enough to pull on the chicken feeder and dump a good portion of it.

  8. At least yours have tails... Ours get run over by cars and either have a very skinny tail or none at all!

  9. Ahhhh, the lovely squirrel! A few years ago I lived in an apt. with sliding glass doors leading to an enclosed patio. I had a different cat then, and I often fed squirrels on the wall around the patio. One day I heard a strange scritching sound - there was a squirrel on the patio standing up to look in the window. He was leaning his paws on the glass, and my cat was standing up on the inside opposite him, scratching as hard as she could on the glass wanting to get at that pesky visitor!

    Yours stories rock - you, Smooch, Lucy and the boys and Winona make great storytellers!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. I know Smooch is enjoying all this activity on the porch. She takes her job very seriously.


  12. You are so lucky to be surrounded by cute animals with presence and personality. You are blessed. Hope you'll keep feeding the squirrel too.

  13. I left out an important detail in yesterdays comment. You have to leave a trail of food up the ramp to the bucket. My brother-in-law does this for mice and it really works for them.

  14. Maybe that pudgy squirrel is full of baby squirrels, its spring and really time for all the new life to come along.

    Cheers, Smooch!