Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Encore ~ Smooch and Lucy dig for buried treasure

Lucy: Whatcha lookin' for, Smooch?

Smooch: Not sure, but I'd find it faster if you'd help me.

Lucy: Ok, I'll work from this side and we can meet in the middle.

Lucy: Could you be more careful about where you're throwing that dirt?

Lucy: I hate it when that happens.


  1. you may hate it Lucy but I love it when that happens, my first smile of the day....hope we get to see/hear what was in that hole. i am thinking critter

  2. Too funny ... love the photos and that last expression is priceless! Animals always capture my heart and attention and I am forever posting about their antics too. Thanks for the morning smile!

  3. so funny! I wonder if Smooch would be able to dig all the way to the other side!

  4. Just love these redos. I know I am easily entertained when it comes to your "ranch hands" but they always make me smile, second, third or however many times seeing them. Smooch being so determined and Lucy being so helpful. Yep happy stuff. Oma Linda

  5. I love this post. Always like to see somebody else's dog dig a big hole in the yard.

  6. They're so precious - I love them!