Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't count me among the Monday-haters

Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week...especially after a three-day weekend. 

I finally get a chance to sit down. 

I took a vacation day on Friday so I could knock off a bunch of stuff on my spring chores list.

I won't bore you with all the details, but here are a few things in my Google search history from Thursday night:
•garage cleaning services in central New Mexico (there are none, damnit)
• best way to recaulk a shower (the secret is a finger dipped in diluted dishwashing detergent - score!)
• best way to blow out a year's worth of dust from the inside of a computer without killing it (very carefully)

I accomplished twice as much as was on my to-do list, mostly because the wind kept me inside all day Sunday.
Makes me wish I had written down all the chores I did for the simple pleasure of checking them off.

Best of all, there were no cat fights to break up. Harmony reigns in the feed room.

Smooch: I wish you'd stop cleaning and take me for a walk.


  1. So CLEAN!! It must be going around. I had a cleaning day on Friday, too. Smooch seems to have a perch in every room. What a life!

  2. Smooch always looks so cute! She's got to be the most photogenic dog ever! Thanks so much for sharing her (and the others) with us!

  3. well done eh! Just looking at those pictures with smooch sitting so regal makes my blood pressure go down ;-) we must have been on the same wave length this weekend. I have 4 bags of "stuff" that have been cleaned out from 2 closets and the laundry room for charity donation drop off.

  4. Smooch you are a perfect model, so beautiful and poised, I love looking at you. ha ha on the dirt in the computer, we did that a couple months ago and what a mess...

  5. Harmony in the feed room! Yessssssssssss!

  6. Smooch - so very beautiful

  7. Shelle and the grands must have been on your wave length of spring clean as well. Lots of stuff being taken today to the Oscar Foundations prep area for a huge garage sale on May 4th. That's the non profit here that helps pet owners who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford necessary major medical attention for their beloved animals.
    Glad that alls quiet on the feed room front. Adjustment is a tricky bit for kitties.
    And then there is the queen of 7MSN her highness Smooch the great. She is such a beauty. Thanks for starting our Monday off so happily. Oma Linda

  8. Your family has the best ears!

  9. Smooch really does look like a Royal, she exudes confidence and benevolence. A gorgeous pup!

    We are doing the tossing thing too.
    When it starts getting too deep there is only one solution. Goodwill or whatever organization you can find who will accept donations!

    Happy Rest O' the Week,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  10. I like that feeling of crossing of the item of the 'to do' list. When you wrote that, I was like, I do that too.

    So, when are the cats going to get added to your header ?

    Your area doesn't have a 'rent a husband or wife' co.(I've seen adds about them) I've been thinking of getting someone over here to get mine cleaned.

  11. I'm glad you got a lot done this weekend. Did you paint this room or is the green floor reflecting on the walls? A new bed and linens? The sunroom looks like it's always been there. So pretty. A happy dog makes everything better.

  12. Hard to imagine life before Google, isn't it?

  13. I tell you...there are so many things on the Internet nowadays! I'd LOVE to make my own laundry soap, but I'm intimidated by the lye...sigh...

  14. I confess, I add the extra that I do on my list and cross it off :-)

  15. I love me some Smooch! I bet she would like to shake things up in the feed room!