Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Alan dyes his hair

Me: What's Alan doing?

George: Dying his hair.

George: He's going for a more mature look...

...with a little gray around the edges.

Alan: Gray ... it's the new black, in case you haven't heard. 


  1. alan looks good in whatever color he chooses. the photo where he is dying his hair looks like a smoking hot donkey to me.

  2. He did a good job. Looks like he's going back to do the other side.

  3. Alan is quite the boy! Whatever look he wants to wear 'for the moment' will look good on him.

    (I bet George and Hank are having big laughs over Alan's more 'mature' look. Kids learn.)

  4. Hey Alan,

    I must be right in style then!

    Jo in MN

  5. A new disguise in preparation for his playdate. he hopes they won't recognize him!