Monday, February 11, 2013

It's the thought that counts

Me: Hank! George! Alan! Lucy! Time for lunch!

Me: Damnit, Hank. I hate it when you sneak up on me.

George: Let's take mom a present.

Alan: Let me carry it.

George: It was my idea. I want to carry it.

George: Now look what you've done.

George: I had a present all picked out for you, mom, but Alan tossed it away.


  1. They almost had a gift for Valentine's Day. They are so cute.
    Best always,

  2. Just goes to show...good friends don't always stick together. Mick

  3. You probably really wanted that present too! Too bad :)

  4. Special stick and they muffed it....poor boyz. Love the first pic of the herd filled with anticipation.

  5. George and Alan always take the time for a little fun. Sorry you didn't get your stick, but you got some cute pictures. You and Hank look so tall in shadows.

  6. Yes, I like the tall silhouette of you and Hank, too.
    I remember him sneaking up on Jaime when we were
    there...he's pretty quiet for a big guy.