Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to make a donkey mad

About a third of my hay supply this year isn't as clean I'd like – it contains some cottonwood fluff and dried leaves. 
Since a possible cause of Hank's mysterious edema could be an allergen, 
I'm thinking maybe Hank is reacting to this hay. Maybe not. 

To play it safe, I'm feeding him separately now. 

Hank gets the squeaky-clean hay and Lucy, George and Alan get the dregs. 
Don't feel sorry for them. Donkeys can get fat on air. 

Lucy's not complaining about the quality of her hay, but don't get her started about the quantity.

Lucy: You're starving me. My hay tub is empty and Hank's still eating 
and I'm going to shrivel up and die if you don't give me more to eat this very minute.

Me: Nice try, toots.

Feeding Hank separately means four extra trips to the barn each day 
to let him out of his stall, but I don't mind.

That's four more opportunities to hang out with the herd ... even if they're mad at me.


  1. I have a cat that feels EXACTLY like Lucy. Tabby cats can also get fat on air, I know, I have one.

  2. There's a lot to be said for hangin' with the herd, no matter what emotion they're feeling toward you. That warm cozy pool of personality is a good place to live.

  3. Hoo boy if looks could kill, Lucy would get herself arrested!

  4. "Donkeys can get fat on air". well!! That explains my weight gain, I am a donkey eh ;p
    any reason to hang out with the gang can be a good thing!

  5. They do look a little upset. I guess I would be too if I was hungry and the big guy was noshing in front of me. A carrot or two maybe?

    Best always,

  6. Oh Lucy, you a sassy girl.
    And it's so good that you have such a pragmatic look at the extra trips.
    And Hankster...we've always known you that you a special boy.
    Oma Linda

  7. You are SO mean! :)
    I hope Hank's edema clears up. I used to hate getting weedy/crappy hay. Feels like wasted money and then you end up with a pasture full of (recycled) weeds.

  8. That is quite the look Lucy is giving. She's so disgusted her eyes look glazed over. So mistreated. :)

  9. It is amazing how animals pick up on any (perceived) injustice.

    My tabby cat comes running if I pet the black cat and she pushes in under my hand. But if I lean down to pet her first, she runs away.

    That's ok, though. They are still really loved.

  10. This is hilarious! I have to feed my mini-donk separate from my horses. If I don't...he will dive into their alfalfa...a big no-no for donkeys. He is already a little round thing. After all these years-he still gives me the stink-eye when it's feeding time.

  11. gosh, the patience Lucy is showing...maybe a stay handful of hay will blow over to her...maybe if she waits long enough, looking pitiful enough but with amazing patience she will be rewarded. but she's FIRST in line i see. too funny.

  12. I love Lucy's eyebrows. She can sure pack a lot of expression into them. I sincerely hope the solution to Hank's edema issue is that simple.

  13. I bought local hay from a different place once. Emma broke out in hives!! Had to give her something else, the others were fine though.

  14. Boy, first he gets "treats", now this! The injustice! ;)