Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blame it on the chair

About a month ago, I bought a new chair for the sunroom. 
Waiting for the sunroom to be completed has been made infinitely easier by this new chair, 
which is making its temporary home in the living room. 
I might as well get rid of my couches because I never sit on them anymore. 

I love my new chair. It's a glider. I sit in it and glide back and forth while watching tv. Here's the weird part. 
There is something about the effortless, back and forth motion of the glider that compels me to crochet 
whenever I am sitting in my new chair. I can't stop gliding and I can't stop crocheting.

Until I brought this new chair home, I would crochet a little here and a little there, but nothing bigger or more serious 
than an 8" square dish cloth. And how many crocheted dish cloths does one person need?

So I've embarked upon an afghan. 

Me: Smooch, must you interrupt while I'm taking pictures?

Smooch: Must you spend all your free time crocheting instead of paying attention to me?

And people wonder why I don't get more animals...

Anyway, this isn't my first afghan. I started crocheting an afghan the summer before I went off to college.
Let's see, that was...wait while I go get the calculator...aaack! 40 years ago.
I got the first 50 rows or so completed before I totally lost interest and Mom stepped in to finish it.
Mom has gone on to crochet hundreds of afghans, so I suppose my new-found crocheting compulsion
may have something to do with DNA in addition to my new chair.

Smooch: *sniff sniff* What's this?

Amazingly, I still have the afghan that I started and my mom finished some 40 years ago.
Mom, do you remember this?   
It's the oldest thing in my house besides me.


  1. I have a very similar chair and it doesn't make me want to crochet...wait, i don't know HOW to crochet... enjoy your chair, poooor smooch

  2. That's one big afghan you and your mother made! I don't know how to crochet, but I do love to knit. And now that I have one [nearly immobile] pet I can do it again. Isn't that kind of work so soothing?

  3. My grandmother used to crochet. I would sit and watch her and she finally taught me, but, honestly, I don't have the patience to do it. I still have a couple of her afghans, too.

  4. Such a nice hobby. By the way. I still have the dish cloth that I won for counting the bales of hay left in your barn. The dish cloth is in very good condition and I have used it a lot too. I don't have a dishwasher. I notice time passing terribly fast as well. Forty years ago seems like yesterday. I have things around here that jump at me when I discover they date back years as well. Life just passes by too fast! Best always,

  5. Great chair! I love the movement of the glider, I have one with a ottoman that glides too. If I had it in the living room I'd never get out of it. And it puts me to sleep.

    Like the afghans too. My mom and grandmother also crocheted and knitted. I haven't done it for a while though. Maybe I should it would keep my hands busy and stop them going for snacks!

  6. Love the colors in the "old" afghan. You were always destined for the Southwest! But, wait, you crochet?

  7. Estella from Co.2/17/13, 7:12 AM

    Good for you, Linda. My thing is knitting scarves and then I give them away. There is something about sitting rocking or gliding and doing a hand craft. It will be lovely when you are finished. I like the one you AND YOUR MOM made. Isn't it amazing how long they last, I have ones my mom made for me and sweaters she made STILL and I'm wearing them, that was 50 years ago. Have a lovely day and hugs to the kids.

  8. I started an afghan when I was pregnant with my first child...if I remember right, I got two rows done. Fast forward three years: I'm pregnant with my second, and I pick up where I left off. I think I got about 15 more rows done, then it was forgotten. I think it was when we moved (kids were 7 and 4) that I finally gave up and unraveled it and used it for some other project. Oh well.

  9. Those chairs do have a nice ride. I find knitting very relaxing, but I'm not good enough to knit anything to wear - it's always comes out too big and sloppy - so I only do it in fits and starts. Good luck with your afghan.

    P.S. Willow is an expert and ruining my shots, too.

  10. I know how to crochet but haven't in a long time. Love the colors. And, the the chair. Would like more info on the chair please.

  11. I love the chair and can't find one like it. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

  12. Love the chair.

    My favorite is a rocking chair that I have upstairs. I also have one outside. I had one that I took to college.

    Never did learn to knit or crochet. I can do needlepoint though.

  13. Carol in N. Colorado2/17/13, 9:03 AM

    I love to crochet and have done many afghans. Now I am working a pair of cows for my dd. Yes, I said cows. I hope to get them done soon. I had a glider but it was too uncomfortable for me. Enjoy!!

  14. I'm sure I would love to crochet in a glider IF the cat didn't jump up on my lap every time I sit down and shove whatever is in my hands (book, food, scotch) out of the way. I can just imagine the fun she would have with any attempt to make an afghan.

  15. Joani and Anonymous, the chair came from here
    They have a retail outlet in Albuquerque, where I picked mine up, but they also have stores across the country. It wasn't cheap, but all their furniture comes with a lifetime warranty. Think family heirloom.

  16. excellent! keep on, manual activities are perfect for inner happiness and mental health; I dont understand how the gliding works but keep on. Pieces made by hand are also precious gifts today. I embroider and could not live without it. Maybe Smooch would like to have her own afghan to lie on...

  17. Do I see a contest coming to give the blue afghan away? it sure is pretty colors.

  18. did not know you also were crafty with yarn :) I too do some knitting and crocheting....not very good at it and lose interest if it's pretty enough outside to be in the garden :) that afgan is so pretty !! I like your new chair too....I love my glider rocker :) Jeanne in SC

  19. How funny, the glider makes you crochet!
    I'll have what she's having...
    Great story.... I love your Mom!

  20. I can relate to the gliding but not the crocheting. I tried to learn years ago but it was anything but relaxing to me. I can appreciate pretty afghans and think it's special that you and your mom worked on one.

  21. In a misguided attempt at needlework, I started a cross stitch alphabet sampler of flowers. I did anemone, and Mom took over.

  22. I have an afghan that my mum-in-law made for me. It is made in the Gordon tartan for my mum's family clan and it must have been a nightmare to make. I treasure it!

  23. Love the glider! I don't have one-but seems like it would be a nice gift to myself. :) I have been making afghans for my grandkids...they are a bit smaller, so I don't lose interest. I like the blues in the one you are currently working on!

  24. I’ve always been a knitter and not got on so well with crochet. It looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll finish it as you are doing so well. I don’t come by to comment so often but I’m still a faithful fan! Best wishes to you and your animals.

  25. What a beautiful chair! I bought a few crocheted (sp?)cotton dishclothes at a church sale once and wish I'd bought more. They are the bestest! Let us know if you just can't quit making them and I would be thrilled to buy a bunch from you! I can't crochet for the life of me! Hugs, Meghan