Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hank goes wild

Alan: When did Hank learn to levitate?
George: Maybe it's gas.

Alan: Head for the other side of that rainbow before he runs us over.
George: That's not a rainbow, that's dust on the lens, you knucklehead.

George: Duck behind mom and Lucy. He wouldn't dare run them over, would he?

Alan: Only one way to find out.
George: Excuse us...coming through. Watch your toes.

Lucy: I'm of a mind to stick my leg out and trip them all. Brutes...

Lucy: This was my walk and they've stolen the show yet again.


  1. Poor Lucy. Hope she is feeling better soon (I've been a bit lame lately too so I can commiserate).

    I suspect the boys are just rubbing it in ----
    'LOOK what we can do! Run around like untamed equines, kick up the dust and just generally act up. Watch us run and jump! Wheeeeeeeeee!'

    M in NC

  2. Did you have a "come to Jesus" meeting with Hank after his antics? Worried about his leg/hoof problem.

  3. Estella from Co.1/8/13, 7:35 AM

    Like the rainbow. Boys will be boys I guess, at least they are having fun. Hope Miss Lucy is getting better. Hugs

  4. So many legs!
    (I do laugh when the boys call each other names, like knucklehead!)

  5. I just love the "equine gone wild" shots. And that rainbow is quite interesting......kinda reminds me of Oz....hmmmm.
    Hope Dorothy er Lucy is feeling better really soonest. Oma Linda

  6. It's fun seeing Hank feeling so frisky! However, not sure that George and Alan appreciate all the excitement. Hope Little Lucy is feeling better and can run with the boys again soon.

  7. Nah, they will never be able to steal your show totally, Lucy. We are rooting for you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. Oh, you crazy boys. Kicking up rainbows. It's fun to see them acting wild.
    Something tells me Lucy is not starving for attention.

  9. Hello from France and Happy New Year,
    Your horse Hank reminds me of my cat when he was sick with cystitis. he would jump and run all over the place!

  10. Are you sure Hollywood isn't filming this comedy cast of characters? They should be. You know, a reality series.

  11. I love old horses that still have lots of spunk! so cute! Looove the levitate quote :)