Thursday, January 3, 2013

Down the road with Smooch ~ January 2013

Date: January 2, 2013

Route: Around the fenceline with a shortcut through the pasture

Distance: 1.25 miles

Time: 5:00 - 5:45 p.m.

Temperature: 28 degrees, which felt like 10. Either the weather station lies, or the cold is affecting me more as I age.
I shall choose to believe there is a problem with the weather station.

Wind: None

On the iPod: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. Enough like Downton Abbey to satisfy my fix for period dramas of the post-Edwardian aristocracy until season three starts on Sunday.

Attire: Long-sleeved shirt, fleece sweater, jeans, baseball cap, two wildrags, quilted barn jacket with the hood up, two pairs of socks, sneakers, mittens. Think Michelin Man. And I was still cold.

Me: Smooch wanna go for a walk?

Me: I'll take that as a yes.

Smooch's seventh birthday is coming up in a few weeks. 
Unlike some others we know, she doesn't appear to be affected one bit by her age.

I wish I knew her secret.

It might be eternal optimism. 
The prospect of something or someone coming down the road keeps her young.

We I cut our walk short because I got too cold.
Perhaps lying on the frozen ground to take pictures had something to do with that.
Anyway, we detoured through the pasture and the corral to make our way home.

George came out to see who was trespassing.


  1. For those cold days when my I can no longer ignore my sweet pooches pleading eyes to go for her walk..... I pull a pair of baggy sweat pants on over my jeans. (I really recommend that little trick.) Makes a huge difference. Have also been known to wear a fleece headband, hubby's Elmer Fudd hat, hood up from sweatshirt and a fleece scarf wrapped around my neck to keep the wind out. Fortunately, we walk on a deserted ditch-bank and I haven't gotten caught looking like this. Dang.... it's been cold here in Idaho.

  2. Horribly cold here last night too. I wouldn't go outside and lie down on the ground for nuttin'. I think I'd freeze right to the snow's surface. Or melt down a foot or so and make a snow cocoon.
    Lucky you to have such good caretakers living with you.
    I want to know what, if any, interaction happened between Smooch and George.

  3. Some stay warm advice from cold and snowy Wisconsin where we live, play, and ride horses outside all winter long.

    Wool socks (think smartwool), stormy kromer wool hat with ear flaps (or soft lined wool stocking ski type cap), down jacket, maybe a light down vest, and BOG boots. The boots are good to 20 below zero temps. I ride in them, walk dogs in them, shovel snow in them. And Duluth Trading Co. has my favorite base layers both top and bottom.

    PS/ bogs only come in whole sizes. I have two pairs, one regular and one a size up for wearing super thick wool socks when it really gets cold! :)

  4. Sounds like you had a good time regardless of the temperature. Smooch is always up for an adventure1

    Perhaps some wind-pants/ or ski bib might help on cold walks? Jeans don't have much insulation properties by themselves. A good pair of sweat pants under wind-pants aren't too bulky.

    Thanks for the book recommendation :). Just reserved it at the library.

    M in NC

  5. smooch is just so very beautiful.. and looks like she doesn't mind the cold at all.

  6. if you have time, could you send me the link to your dryer episode, i want to send it to a friend that is having that problem.

  7. Sounds like the weather station is having difficulties....yeah that's it. I hate the cold, can't stand to be too hot and I am older than dirt. Our visit with friends this weekend for me was too cold but something about donkeys that make a body forget about it, til my olde legs cramped from the chill. Then I remembered....I sure do like donkey photos and warmth. hehehe.
    All of the above have some great keep warm ideas...and I don't think Smooch would mind if you "bundle" up more for the walking part of her winter fun.

  8. Michelle from BC1/3/13, 8:19 AM

    Up here in BC we have fleece lined or quilted lined jeans and they really do keep you warm and very cozy at the same time need for long johns.
    I believe they can be found at Marks Workwear World, they must be on-line? If not. let me know and I'll get you a catalog.

  9. First of all, it's a shame that the weather station was having issues. :)
    Do you have quilted overalls? Pull them on over jeans, leggings, pajamas! They sell them at TSC. (Just turn the hems up, cause you're short like me.) Get a knit or fleece cap and a scarf, and wool socks.
    This is funny. We're all dressing the girl from Ohio.
    George had to wonder why the Michelin Man was walking Smooch.

  10. The House at Riverton was great! Caroline Lee is such a terrific narrator. btw The Distant Hours is also really good. Should I tell you that it's 22c here this morning (about 71f)? No that would be too mean. ;) HDJ from the summery southern hemisphere.

  11. When it gets cold here, I put on a pair of long underwear pants, then sweatpants, an undershirt, then a long sleeved thermal shirt, hunting socks, and pulled up over everything a pair of ski bibs, topped with a ski jacket. It can be zero out and that combo keeps me toasty. Heaven forbid I get a hot flash or I roast alive ;-)

  12. Don't feel so bad (or so cold?) it was exactly 0 degrees this morning when I got up. Smooch does have the look of happy eternal optimist. Wish I could be more like her!

    Like all the Kate Morton books. I think the Forgotten Garden was one of my favorites. Just rented all the Downton Abbey from Netflix and should do the last ones of the season tonight before season three starts. I like it. Although my favorite had to be the Tudors for costumes and whatnot.Stay warm.

  13. Smooch is the super model of alert and slim trim....

  14. Smooch is the best! Love her focus and outlook. Dogs tend to believe the next great thing is already on its way. One of the reasons we love them.

    Bundle up better so you don't freeze, please. Maybe include a sauna in the next addition to the house. Toasty warmth to the bones.

  15. Carol in N. Colorado1/3/13, 5:26 PM

    You know Carhartt makes insulated overalls or coveralls that will keep you toasty. That's what we wear in this bone chilling weather to go out and feed the animals. A good pair of insulated boots would go along ways to keeping the feet warm. Stay warm.

    It's been cold here and the granddaughter is still wearing shorts with flipflops. lol

  16. Don't you have a pair of flannel Pajamas to wear in under your jeans? Then make sure you have a nice pair of wool sox, knit them yourself or buy a pair. Then find a pair of mitts insulated with Thinsulate. Perfect. Ready to go!
    Smooch is such a beautiful dog. You know she'd go to the ends of the earth with you, just feeling happy about the trip!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  17. I think there are a lot of great suggestions and some new outer and under wear are in your future!
    Smart wool is the best( I left you the pink pair?) And I think the ski bibs sound toasty!

  18. Should you need someone to swing by and thaw you out, I'd like to volunteer! ;)

  19. Carson, be thankful you and the critters don't have our temps here in Taos! It's been -15 (that's 15 below!) several mornings recently--including this morning!!I know Miss Wynonna would not like it at all. I moved here from south Arkansas last summer and this weather does take some getting used to ! I love the dry air, however!