Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Hank puts his tongue to the test

December 2011 was one for the record books. It started snowing on the first of that month and didn't stop until January. 
This year has been quite the opposite, though the weatherman warns of a serious cold front moving in soon. 
Lucy and I will get a good, long ride in today while it's still warm and worry about winter tomorrow.


The snow started coming down Friday afternoon, just as the weatherman had predicted.
I hate it when he's right.

Hank and his herd seemed to take it in stride. 
After Thursday's wicked winds, what's a few inches of snow?

By Saturday morning, the few inches had accumulated to a few more.

Yes, it was pretty, but it was also very cold and wet, and there are only 108 days left until spring. 

Hank: That snow looks just like powder on a doughnut. I wonder if it tastes just as good...

Hank: Uh oh. I think my thongue ith thuck to the pipe.

Hank: Whew. Close call.

Hank: Tastes pretty good but I'd prefer a Krispy Kreme.
(Roll your mouse between the margin and the picture to watch Hank eat his imaginary doughnut.)


  1. I love the photo of Hank and his herd in the snow.. just beautiful, would make a great card.

  2. I love snow pictures. You can almost feel the stillness and the quiet.
    Hank's snow tasting is too cute.
    I want snow in February and then an early Spring.

  3. That cold front BLEW through here (central WA) last evening while I was doing chores. 40-50 mph gusts (I had trouble closing barn doors), but just a spit of sn*w, and only a few degrees colder this morning. S'posed to get wicked cold by the end of the week, tho, so I better get out and finish my last project today!

  4. Yep, I guess we got to play like it was gonna stay warm until tomorrow comes. I just hope that there aren't anymore way below zero for you and the herd this winter.
    Anything Hank does is Handsome.
    Enjoy your ride today and bundle up tomorrow. Oma Linda and the cuckettes.

  5. Aww it all looks very Christmassy near you!